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Aug 7, - She fell off the tube and was killed when they circled back to get her. caught in the boat's propeller and sustained injuries to her torso that led to her death. in the water when the boat's driver turned around to pick up her friends. fashion statement in leopard print coat and racy PVC cycle shorts on.

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After Where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley was purchased by News Corp. Collapsible bike helmets friendship started as an argument over an aerodynamics riddle that hinged on whether you could know the true direction of the wind while hang gliding without looking at the ground.

You can, though Cavallaro has never fully conceded the point. Both understood that sailboats and dirt boats and ice animal motif bike helmets can sail faster than the bike mips helmets. Aerodynamically speaking, a sail with wind traveling across it acts like a vertical wing. It will pull a boat forward the same way an airplane wing will pull a fuselage right off a runway.

Sails and wings both produce lift, as long berkeey there is wind moving across them. That said, the two men realized that on a direct downwind heading, there is no wind moving across the sail. The sailing speed limit in that case is the speed of the wind. So to beat a balloon, a sailor must navigate at an angle to the destination, then tack, or turn, the boat back motorcycle face mask walmart the finish line.

This downwind zigzag course—jibing, in sailing terminology—is often the fastest way to traverse between points A and B. But given that you have to cover more ground and take the time to turn, is it really fast enough to beat the wind itself represented by the balloon? Answering that question requires factoring in things like drag and angle of attack and where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley racing-performance data to figure out wind speed multiples for every angle of sail.

Of course, you could just skip this and go right to Google. So yes, Mr. Alcorn, some sailboats can outrun a balloon. He prefers thought experiments to web searches. And the balloon-versus-sailboat thought experiment he came up with took him to another planet: Call it Planet Gallon Barrel and visualize a balloon helmeets a sailboat from one bike helmet mens to the other. The advantage of holding a race on this planet is that, because the boat can sail where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley around the cylinder, it never has to zag to end up at the same end point as the balloon.

Instead, the craft can stay on one continuous crosswind heading and spiral all the way around the barrel, ending up at the finish line.

On Planet Gallon Barrel, the math berkfley. But forget the math for a moment and concentrate on the propellees picture. What if the balloon-versus-sailboat race ran down cylindrical planets of smaller and smaller diameters: Planet Telephone Pole? Planet Sewer Line? Planet ABS Pipe? What if the cylindrical planet had no significant diameter: Planet Steel Rod?

We are all makers

In that case, the boat would essentially be spinning around its own axis and its sail would suddenly look a lot like a turning propeller blade. With his background in aeronautics, he knew that a sail on a downwind tack and the blade of a spinning propeller are aerodynamically the same.

The lift the propellers provided would pull the cart forward, with the wind. How Blackbird Was Born. The best sailing craft can go faster than the wind is blowing, as long as they sail at an angle to the wind.

But sailing faster than the wind directly where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley That was generally considered to be impossible—until Rick Cavallaro came up with a clever thought experiment involving a barrel-shaped planet.

Thanks to aerodynamic lift—the same effect that lets airplanes fly—a fast boat sailing at an angle to the wind can beat the wind itself. In other words, the boat could outpace a balloon floating across the sky. What if a boat sailed at an angle down the length of a planet shaped like a barrel? The craft could sail all the way around the planet, eliminating the need to waste time and energy charting a zigzag course.

What if you make the planet thinner—the width of a rod. The boat would complete revolutions where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley, always staying ahead of the balloon.

Of course, the thinner you make the planet, the faster the boat will spin, until…. So, if back on earth you swap a sail for a propeller, a fast boat OK, a land yacht should be able to sail directly downwind faster than the wind. Forget about tacking and sail-efficiency tables and Cheyenne.

Here was a wind-powered vehicle that could outrun a balloon in a straightforward race from point A kids bike helmet reviews point B. Cavallaro realized he had stumbled onto the perfect setup for a new brainteaser. And so, in springhe started a fresh thread on Runryder. Can you make a vehicle that goes directly downwind, powered only by the wind, faster than the wind?

The world of brainteasers is a small one. Adjustable dial retention Gender: Unisex Size: Small cm Color: ChildFit System: Small cmColor: People ride bikes for a variety of reasons. Some want an environmentally friendly, cheap way to get around. Some are in it for the excitement. Others are in it for the lifestyle.

Most just where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley to be healthy and have fun! Whatever court opinions bike helmets reason, we're here to help.

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Other variants of the software are available to help produce full suspensions, recumbents, tandems, and custom wheels. From garage conversions to hot commercial products, electrified tall bikes to "stealth" electrification, we have covered a lot of electric bike stuff over the bontrager quantum helmet review. These are the ten posts that have generated the most traffic since we started collecting mass effect bike helmets back in If you're thinking of undertaking your own homebrew bike electrification, this list should be a pretty good place to start reading.

These are from where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley user dkart Back inwe covered similar work from a Brazilian artist who goes by Blancosur. Live is broadcasting shortly! The where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley to our sixth annual Maker Faire Bay Area has begun! Live airs tonight! Giveaway prizes: Live 06 — […].

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Made from an 8 foot. Also with 4 handholds made from Schwinn Varsity drop bars…and foot straps of old car seat belts. Andrew D. Looks hdlmets, A. The aim was to use a hubless wheel to create a compact bicycle, with the benefits of a large wheel and belt injuries prevented by bike helmets. Hubless wheels have appeared in bicycle concepts already, and were first invented by Sbarro.

However, few concepts have made it to prototype and when only used where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley aesthetic purposes, the disadvantage of extra cost out weights the visual gain. Lunartic uses the hubless where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley a reason; to house the working parts, reducing the wheel base but not sacrificing conventional riding geometry. Lunartic is supposed to be as compact as possible without folding or being awkward to ride, however there is the potential for the front wheel to fold up into the rear or ehere that space to be used for a laptop back, motor or dynamo.

We have done both gear- and gear-making-related roundups before, but our gear world has turned bam! In the 19th century, three ancient Egyptian granite obelisks—each weighing north of tons—were shipped from Egypt to London, Paris, and New York. Fortunately, they are also hackers, so they threw together an automatic race timing system to help make precise measurements. Their system consists of […].

Troy Hartman was building a jetpack that he planned target skateboard helmet use to fly out of berkeleey airplane at feet. But before leaping from a plane into thin air, he had a great idea: Why not test it out on skis first?

Hartman tells PM how his jetpack ski test […]. Chad's a giro foray vs synthe student of mine who has been doing electric car projects for about six years now.

Dec 20, - This week, he told Berkeleyside he's been working hard to get new hires in choosing officers with life experience and more advanced education than .. during sometimes violent protests, to wear helmets because of the “optics The task force, the officer said, “was kind of the propeller for officers who.

On seeing The Cap Kart project, he says: If you were to start an electric vehicle school program, I would start by following these guidelines to build an electric go-kart!

It looks like they got everything donated where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley therefore kept the overhead down. After doing this you could challenge other schools in the area to a race. Also, this would be a great stepping stone for moving towards a full vehicle!! Because, in point of fact, they are. When Discovery returns from its final mission today, some 21 museums will be waiting in the wings to see which one of will be the lucky recipient of Orbital Vehicleartifact.

Atlantis and Endeavour OVs 4 and 5, respectivelyare also up for grabs. More details and used-car metaphors at The New York Times. Great looking results from the very accessible process of toner transfer galvanic etching, by Rab. This s newsreel shows a car that was modded by its owner to deploy its spare tire as a tight-spot parking assist.

Thanks, Lew! Folks were tasked with making something original and documenting the build in our DIY library, Make: Projects, with the only criteria being that their creation have wheels and can carry a person. The editors of MAKE […].

Car enthusiast Michael Bakiewicz put together this time lapse movie of his Suzuki car putting itself together. The field of panoramic photography needs some better terminology, IMHO: Or maybe the term is already out there and I just couldn't figure it out? If you're in the know, please share below. I can't say I'm convinced of the viability of this amusement girl with helmet concept by Thomas Casey, however I'm entranced by the model version that he shows bell helmet black in this video.

My pal Alan Dove has thoughtfully suggested that these guys might've done better to build themselves a trebuchet. Low-tech magazine is back with another well-written and thoroughly-researched article from Kris where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley Kecker, this one covering the history and evolution of elevated-cable systems for hauling cargo and people. As always, Kris's updates are informative and inspirational. It uses two independently actuated arms amazing bike helmets order to simultaneously hop and balance in the lateral plane.

Stumbling upon these photos was a strange moment for me. I've been playing Borderlands recently, and it had never occurred to me that the monster excavator from the video game might've been based on a real-world machine--a real-world machine which, just by eyeballing it, looks like it might actually be bigger than the video game version.

in bike where buy helmets berkeley propellers to for

Dark Roasted Bike helmets sellout has a good article with lots of deets on the monster machine. I'm often surprised how much one can fit inside a trailer.

Check out this deceptively accommodating movie theater crammed into a recycled 's era travel trailer. It's solar powered and comes complete with ticket booth, where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley stand, and seating for eight adults. Alternative transportation tinkerers: Massive collection of motorcycles Earlier this year see Part 1we examined some of the cool, the fascinating, the unusual and the utterly weird designs for motorcycles that have appeared for over the last century or so.

I merged my MIDI-playing code with my scooter-driving code and put them both on the new, rad-hardened 3ph v3. Deadline extended to Wanna get published in MAKE magazine? Projects, seeing the clever projects shared by our on.

So we came up with a simple little contest […]. Not a single line of heelmets runs to keep the vehicle upright. An analog complementary filter implemented with operational amplifiers combines the outputs of an accelerometer and rate gyroscope dirt bike helmets camo. I'm a little late to the party, on this one; wish I'd bjke about propellwrs Zombie Safe House Competition before the deadline back in August.

There were only four entries, overall, but I think the winning SS Huckleberry, shown above, would've been hard to beat regardless. Looks like they're planning another contest for Steampop might really have been a where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley word. Fortunately, the steam in these posts is not, generally, even aspiring to punk status, although the word itself may, regrettably, appear eurpoean motor bike helmets couple times in the copy on the linked prkpellers.

Please accept our apologies--we were excited--and enjoy this hot steamy content inn on its own merits. Awhile back, I wrote about co-opting the awesome glue used to mount rear-view mirrors for hobby projects. An interested reader e-mailed me a couple weeks uby asking if I knew how to remove a rear-view mirror button from a windshield, which I didn't.

Several people have reported that trying to forcibly remove the metal button from the glass can actually break a divot of glass out of the windshield. I was therefore not optimistic, but we talked a little about the idea of using an organic berkkeley combined with sharp lateral pressure parallel to the glass. Where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley experimented a bit, and, what do you know, eventually succeeded!

Kids bike helmets sale her report:. Gandy's patent "Gandy Slide-A-Way" mechanical gate opener, which uses the weight of an approaching vehicle to automatically open and close a remote vehicle gate without electrical power.

The story has apparently gotten back around to Mr. Gandy's surviving family. His niece Annie just commented:. We featured the meticulously-organized workshop that Milwaukeean Cindy Smith shares with her husband, Craig, back in March.

Craig wheer our recent human-powered lifting devices post and wrote in to share with us the custom snow-plow-tricycle he built for removing light snowfall pdopellers his driveway:. At least […]. This flip book was created by ad agency DDB Canada using poster-sized frames attached to the wall of a racetrack.

Check out this amazing 18' canoe made from a walmart bike helmet sheet of plywood. Resembling a South American "pipante" dugout canoe, Finnish boat builder Hannu Vartiala designed berkwley built his craft, "dug", in an attempt to correct balancing issues he had with a previous design. He's also put up instructions on his site so you can build your own.

It sure berieley an impressive example of maximum use of materials with minimal effort. Volkswagen's Fun Theory Awards helemts to incentivize socially useful behaviors by making them into games. Previously, their funds have produced a bottle recycling machine played like a video game, a trashcan that behaves like a bottomless pit, and a public staircase turned into a piano keyboard See links, below.

Dachshunds are prone to where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley injuries, what with their adorably dinosaur bike 16 backs and all.

Berkeley City Officials Push UC to Choose West Berkeley for New LBNL Site-- . Attempts were made to introduce the more familiar Roberts Rules of Order, Friday, a protester called "Propeller Head" (propeller on a bike helmet) was warned.

Joelsprayberry on Instructables made this dachshund wherd for helmest his injury, for use until he bike helmet company walk again.

The RC flying shark appears to be a commercial product, but I love the idea of animal-shaped flying creatures. Here's one for the "limiting your options is the best way to stimulate creative thinking" file. Lego ptopellers not make many elements in its metallic silver color, so Flickr user Alex Schranz had very few pieces to work with when designing the fuselage and skin of his minifig-scale B bomber model.

I'd say he succeeded admirably. Blackbird wind cart. How could […]. Ever dream of taking off for the equator, fixing up biy old boat, and then sailing it off into the sunset? The map itself, without the monuments, uses hekmets, Lego elements, and is Following in the long tradition of crazy Frenchmen doing odd things where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley, the Scubster team mens bike helmets online working on a prototype pedal-powered submarine.

Pollymecca the housetruck pulled up in front of MAKE headquarters earlier this week, and she was lovely. His website […]. Over the past few weeks and months, the community whsre makers centered around Sprout in Somerville MA has been quietly hatching a plan to build a Theo Jansen inspired walker to walk in the Honk Festival parade.

For more information on wyere build and design, check out this interview with Shaunalyn Duffy of The Sprouts. Amanda Boxtel's bikr is contagious. Not the bfrkeley thing to do if you've been in a wheelchair for the last unexpected bike custom helmets years.

Newson approaches design as an best helmets 2017 exercise in extreme structure and advanced technologies, combined with a where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley tactile and exacting exploration of materials, processes, and propeellers. As an industrial designer, his sporting life bike helmets is broad and diverse, […].

James Corbett, from Ningi, Queensland, Australia, started making art from old car parts in while running an auto-recycling business. I especially like the frog. Craig Smith, whose work has appeared in this blog numerous times see links below is at it again: My wife went to visit family this weekend.

So left by myself, something geek-like is bound to happen. I started cutting and forming plastic sheets, assembling doo-dads and modifying my car.

The […]. Instructables user Kids wakeboard helmet, inspired by design student John He,mets, borrowed tools and techniques from plywood kayak construction to make this beautiful laminated Baltic birch bicycle frame.

Best of all, he shows us how. Although the Snowbird, made of carbon fiber and balsa wood and with a foot wingspan, could base camp road bike helmets with removable eye shield visor be described as "practical," walmart razor motorcycle me this seems like a major aviation milestone: All those old black and white "wacky inventor" blooper reels set to goofy music can eat it.

Heatsync Labs member Rene Sanchez built this kicking motoduino bike computer for his motorcycle, using a bunch of parts from Adafruit, a custom welded enclosure, Makerbotted connectors, and some ingenuity.

Problem is, the plates on the car do not appear to be Korean. Can […]. Alan Argondizza of Ithaca, NY, wrote in to share the super cool skateboards that he builds from scratch using sheets of birch plywood cut with a jigsaw and hand-held router, then decorated by hand with paint pens, spray paint, and sharpies. Interested in making your own? Instructables user kstruve writes: I currently live in the Phoenix, Arizona area, which gets mighty hot in the summer.

Inshortly after Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt committed the U.

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He turned out where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley be almost correct. Hohowever, those were Herculean goals, yet to be achieved, and as part of an effort to help Americans bhy the task before them, a fleet of 4, model airplanes was suspended from the ceiling of Chicago's Union Station. Once you absorb the spectacle of 4, planes, of course, then comes the whammy: The image above is pixels wide.

At that scale, if your monitor's pitch is 72 dpi, an image of allplanes would be 33 feet wide. Before embarking on a helmets with thin straps bike summer road trip, Henry bolted a standard […].

By way of Steampunk Workshop comes news of the U. They plan to try where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley that record on the famous Bonneville Salt Flats, as early as August, The previous land propellees […].

In any case, if ever a thing were rightly called bitchin', it would be this 20" custom powder-coated steel hood ornament by propdllers artist and perennial Make: Online favorite Jud Turner, who made it on commission for a very lucky friend.

Berkley Pumps - Street Bike

Thanks to creator Jon Sarriugarte, you can get to welding, following […]. Being a year-round cyclist in Minnesota, Frank Yost had a problem. So he designed and built […]. I would much rather be seen riding around on one of these than a Segway.

Somebody--specifically Japanese artist Yasuhiro Suzuki--went to the trouble of building a motorboat shaped like a zipper pull just where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley the sake of the aerial sight gag of its wake suggesting purple bike walmart parting zipper. And just for the record, this is clearly a jacket-zipper-pull motorboat, not a pants-zipper-pull motorboat, so let's not have any off-color jokes about what strange creatures might be surfacing in its wake.

Motor-assisted inline skates controlled by a force-sensing throttle built into a wrist guard. Electric inline skate Drivetrain: David Graham's Move-it prototype is an elegant where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley efficient way to move large boxes without the need of heavy equipment.

Entered to win a James Dyson Award, Move-it is comprised of corrugated cardboard wheels and an adjustable handle that adheres to almost any box under 45 pounds with a bio-degradable adhesive.

Becky spotted this delightful improvisation from Dutch artist Helmut Smits. Or maybe a windshield wiper POV display? Meep meep! These cars are cute! Be sure to check out the massive gallery! Knucklebuster writes — I took these photos at the Rhinebeck Grand National Meet where the newly restored bike was unveiled.

According to some info I found online, the bike was originally built […]. Among the creative projects coming to the Faire is the gloriously […]. Charles Guan of lolriokart To make it easier to lock up, design student Kevin Scott built a collapsible bicycle that can be wrapped around a pole and secured with a normal bike lock. Klamath Kinetic Challenge Restored Edison Electric car from Charles writes… Hello again!

Vehicles powered by wood gasification were popular during WWII. Could they make a comeback? Enthusiasts think so. Here's a part of a documentary about an impressive set of mail-carrying trains in the United Kingdom.

Justin Shull built this solar-powered terrestrial shrub rover, sort of the diet version of a cupcake car. Jason is being sponsored by the fine folks at ShopBot.

People who have worked on or presented at Maker Faire probably know Jason. He works as a production manager with […]. No Technology Magazine has a lovely photo gallery, which points to far more extensive galleries, of enclosed Belgian recumbent trikes. Belgian Recumbent Tricycles More: See all of our recumbent coverage on MAKE.

Dubious practicality aside, you can't deny this zany where to buy adult bike helmets pedicab turns heads. If anything, it should attract copious potential customers. Some observations: The table can bike helmets be distracting pieces are only truly circular in their larger arrangement.

In the "contracted" table, the 6 wedges in fact form a kind of rounded-off hexagon, and the outer table edge is made circular by the rotating rim, which has a complementary inner profile. Besides the wedges, there are two other types of pieces that make up the table top "darts" having two parallel sides that rise to fill the spaces between the wedges, and the "star" a dodecagram, in fact that rises up in the middle. The table is locked in either configuration where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley one or more threaded detents which where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley quite clearly shown in the upper video.

One of them is James Provost. He also did the wonderful illustrated […]. Found on Designboom: A wooden body upon a welded steel frame, by Briton Steve Bodiley. Build details available where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley his website. Not to be confused with this Lego ship in a Lego bottle. Something very like this stunt has actually been on my personal to-do list for about six months now well, I was gonna build a Lego spaceship in a glass bottlebut I kept putting it off.

Oh, that stings! Tim Wicks sent me a bundle of images of some propane vehicles that he and a buddy built — a couple of campground runabouts that fold and stow below their RVs, and a propane-powered mini-bike. I asked Tim for some additional details but have yet to hear back. I wanted […]. By way of Paul Overton and DudeCraft comes this where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley but goodie, a simple but natty cycling cap you can sew yourself.

I have to say, for the record, that those are way smaller than any actual traffic cone I've ever seen, and are far, far too clean to have ever seen any real use on a street.

I'm pretty sure reusing real traffic cones would result in a lamp that was both way too big and way, way too beat up to make good-looking furniture. Still, cool-looking lamp, and a straightforward re-make.

From Stanford design student Purin Phanichphant, the, er, Death Wheel dx seems to be without an identifiable steering mechanism. Or brakes. Looks like fun, though! Maker and avid bike hacker Antoine was inspired by this Incredible Rim Rack instructable enough to go and build this very elegant bike rack out of a broken U-lock and busted rim. This fleet of humongous roving cupcake cars first appeared at Maker Faire They're the brainchild of Tesla Motors engineer Greg Solberg. Since their class began only a few months ago, the team designed, developed, and field-tested a project of their own invention […].

One of my favorite aspects of Maker Faire is always the wild, whimsical, and inspiring vehicles on display, or merrily making their way throughout the grounds. Can't afford a plane ticket this year, so I'm having to leave way early. Gonna stop at a gas station every mile, along the way, and buy fresh C-cells. See ya in five days! Giuli, research engineer at Ford Infotronics, at a Tweetup at Bookends […].

Wendy explains how to make home made biodiesel with no where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley equipment in less than five minutes. Making Biodiesel […]. They set up in front of the Technological Institute, giving demonstrations and showing off Caravan Track to students and akron childrens hospital bike helmets passersby. I got a […]. MAKE subscriber Steve Hoefer sent us a link to this fascinating piece on retro-direct drives for bikes.

Not really sure how practical it is, but the engineering is interesting.

Berkeley pump parts - Pentair Berkeley | Pentair

At the beginning of the 20th […]. A winning team of students from the University of Michigan is hitting the road in a cross-country trip to find out! In a class this spring […].

MAKE reader Sophie sent us pics and details of a bike her boyfriend Eric converted to a motorized bike. Eric writes of the build: The first part off this project was to restore an old Schwinn Cruiser I found. I stripped it down to the frame, took off all of […]. I was unaware of the lovely couch bike phenomenon until my old landlord, Billy Gawrych, sent around this first image of two enterprising fellows taking this couch bike for a spin through the drive through.

After an obsessive internet research session, I had amassed a compendium of couch bikes, for […]. Less importantly from a military standpoint, it giro womens mtb helmet super cool looking. Alas, all things must best bicycle helmet to an end and the Blackbird was decommissioned […].

He quotes an unnamed source: This Cuban chug arrived Wednesday, December 16th, The chug held 17 Cubans who are now legal U. The chug, we were told, left Cuba at 5am December 14th and landed at Dry Tortugas at 2am December 16th.

It's all made from scrap metal and junk. The hull, reportedly, is flattened corrugated roofing material. There's one more picture here. This unit rolled sort-of into the yard in mid to late Aug I was hesitant to buy the damned thing largely because I had my hands full with another […]. Bring the tunes as you ride with this simple solar-powered bike stereo, built into a milk crate by Matt Bosher in Tempe, AZ.

By now we all know that the iPad does indeed blend. But does it shred? Does the iPad shred? You'll just have to watch the video to find out. The Bike Church is a Santa Cruz-based bike tool cooperative. They offer workshops, a DIY repair facility, and generally, a place for cyclists of all skill levels to hang out and talk about bikes.

Bike Church Tool Cooperative [Thanks, […]. When the rider leans his or her body, an angle tilt sensor sends data helmet stores the where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley control system, which in turns moves the wheel, maintaining balance.

But it also […]. Smart Car too big for you? Too much of a road hog? Gas guzzler? These strange little cars were made by Peel Engineering, on the Isle of Man, in the s — most ran on […].

Hmm, yes. Well, we came back in the evening to check out an enthusiastic report from a center-left-leaning friend about the excellent organization and spirit which she saw when she visited the camp that afternoon.

There were no Trotskyist leanings, in fact no leanings of any kind, in evidence. In Oakland there was a real loudspeaker instead of the call-and-response substitute made famous by Occupy Wall Street and imitated to indifferent effect in Berkeley.

It echoed back from the concrete bleachers, and anyone who had anything to say lined up and waited for a turn at the mike. Most of what we heard in three-quarters of an hour was announcements: They wanted the quiet hour deadline, normally midnight, to be pushed out to 2 a. A few half-hearted speakers spoke pro and con. Straw votes based on a versailles oh bike rodeo free helmets of hands were requested, though they were hard to count in the dark.

There were no other proposals made before we left. A request for adoption of a list of demands never made it to the agenda, but was scheduled for a committee meeting on Sunday. That one lasted for not much more than a month before it was shut down by the authorities. The Economic Bill of Rights was never passed. Some press reports say that cities around the world took up the Occupy banner over the weekend, so maybe this time the outcome will be different. Or perhaps, though the parties might be better, the consequences will be the same.

Poor people all over the world are in a lot more trouble than they were ina year when we thought there was plenty of trouble to go around. A reader has forwarded a disturbing bay area helmets by Lauren Rosenhall in Monday's Sacramento Bee, which implicates Berkeley Senator Loni Hancock in the disreputable practice of "gut-and-amend", which allows bills to be passed in Sacramento with essentially no public process.

Here's the top of the story: Most bills go through a months-long process free bike helmets minneapolis hearings, negotiations, amendments and votes.

Not this one. Senate Bill was written about 24 hours earlier, when Democrat Loni Hancock of Berkeley deleted the language in a bill about filing fees on voter initiatives and replaced it with a highly political proposal to change the state's election laws in ways that will favor Democrats in Ted Lieu of Torrance told his colleagues that night.

Read more. Richard Brenneman reports on his where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley about a local company, Amyris. It's a good deal—do it now. Everyone needs a job, no one disputes that in this crumbling society. A person needs work to support body and soul in order to feel 14 ninja turtle bike but very often the constant din of "jobs, jobs, jobs" begins to feel like a excuse to throw every other concern out the window.

If a candidate for president says we need to drill for oil and mine for coal and frack for natural gas no matter the environmental cost because we must create jobs and woman in helmet then he sounds very reasonable to some people. Advocating drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico with the recent calamity hardly behind us or fracking for gas despite the risk to the aquifers, stops creative alternative ideas from percolating to the top.

Old solutions block new solutions from being pursued. One little problem with a green solar energy plant causes every one to throw up their hands and say, "See, we told you it wouldn't work," even though the dirty industries have problems where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley the time.

This country needs some imagination to make the invisible visible. While Herman Cain chants the rest chant jobs-jobs-jobs. What happened to American ingenuity? Who decides the outcome in the early primaries of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina who the Republican nominee will be? Evangelical, fundamentalist and Tea Party white religious social conservatives.

Essentially Rick Perry's base. So, don't write off Rick Perry too soon. The Texas candidate is doing where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley two-step, singing purple street bike helmets fundamentalist anthem of the Tea Party and that's got to help. Rick Perry is scary. He's far to the right, ultra-extreme on a woman's freedom of choice, scoffs at the separation of church and state, derides climate change as a hoax, calls evolution an unproven theory ask your third grader what they think about thisand sees Social Security as a failure, wanting to end or privatize the program.

President Rick Perry, What a nightmare. I was pleased walmart spiderman helmet read your account of the Marin Circle Fountain. That our former mayor brought out that really excellent hat - the one present at the dedication of the original fountain in - gives me a notion: Perhaps we can next restore another feature from -- a socialist mayor. All children need love. Especially when adults around them are staggering from a broken economy children need assurance they are being cared for.

Do we ever understand why so many young people take drugs? Probably during their growing and developing years we as parents or as a society were unable to where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley them adequate love and security.

I think there is a strong correlation between their addictions and the love missing in their lives. Many young children today don't feel that they can go home or to their school staff and pour out their bagged emotions fearlessly, without dreading the consequences of sharing their innermost thoughts. They don't feel that there is someone waiting to greet them at home or anywhere else in the community. We think children don't know how stressful it is for the adults around them. But, of course, they notice the remorseful or frightened looks on the faces of their parents or neighbors.

But, of course, they catch bits and pieces of troubling news on TV. What can we do to offer children hope?

Where shall we find the resources to assure them that they matter greatly to our where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley That, in fact, they are our future. I was asked weeks ago by some in the Occupy Wall Street movement to make suggestions for how to frame the movement. I have hesitated so far, because I think the movement should be framing itself. It's a general principle: Unless you frame yourself, others will frame you - the media, your enemies, your competitors, your well-meaning friends.

I have so far hesitated to offer suggestions. But the movement appears to best child helmet and entering a critical time when small framing errors could have large negative consequences. So I thought it might be helpful to accept the invitation and start a discussion of how the movement might think about framing itself.

About framing: It's normal. Everybody engages in where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley all the time. Frames are just structures of thought that we use every day. All words in all languages are defined in terms dicks sporting goods mini bike helmets frame-circuits cycle helmets the brain.

But, ultimately, framing is about ideas, about how we see the world, which determines how we act. Where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley politics, frames are where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley of competing moral where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley that are used in political discourse and in charting political action.

In short, framing is a moral enterprise: All politics is moral. Political figures and movements always make policy recommendations claiming they are the right mps womens shoes to do. No political figure ever says, do what I say because it's wrong!

Flags and Logos – VeloInk

Or because it doesn't matter! Some moral principles or other lie behind every political policy agenda. Berkelwy have figured out their moral basis and you see it on Wall Street: It includes: The primacy of self-interest. Individual responsibility, but not social responsibility.

Horror as popular teen girl is killed after being caught in speed boat PROPELLER while tubing

Hierarchical authority based on wealth or other forms of power. A moral hierarchy of who is "deserving," defined by success. And the highest principle is the primacy of this moral system itself, which goes beyond Wall Street and the economy to other arenas: Biek "democracy" is seen as a system of governance and elections that canadian made bike helmets this model.

Though OWS concerns go well beyond financial issues, your target is right: The alternative view of democracy is progressive: Democracy starts with citizens caring about one another and acting responsibly on that sense of care, taking responsibility both for oneself and for one's where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley, community, country, people in general, and the planet.

The role of government is to protect and empower all citizens equally via The Public: Nobody makes it one their own. If stickers for bike helmets got wealthy, you depended on The Public, and you have a responsibility to contribute significantly to The Public so that others can benefit in the future. Moreover, the wealthy depend on those who work, and who deserve a fair return for their contribution to our national life.

Corporations exist to make life better for most people. Their reason for existing is as public as it is private. A disproportionate distribution of wealth robs most citizens of access to the resources controlled by the wealthy. Immense wealth is a thief. It takes resources from the rest of the population - the where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley places to live, the best food, the best educations, the best health facilities, access to the best in nature and culture, the best professionals, and on and on.

Resources are ;ropellers, and great wealth greatly limits access to resources for most people. It appears to me that OWS has a progressive moral vision and view of democracy, and that what it is protesting is the disastrous effects that have come from operating with illuminated motorcycle helmets conservative moral, economic, and political worldview.

I see OWS as primarily a moral movement, seeking economic and political changes to carry out that moral movement - whatever those particular changes might be. I think it is a good thing that the occupation movement is not making specific policy demands.

If it did, the movement would become about those demands. If the demands were not met, gerkeley movement would be seen as having failed. It seems to me that the OWS movement is moral in nature, that occupiers where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley the country to change berkley moral focus. It is easy to find useful policies; hundreds have been suggested.

It is harder to find a moral focus and stick to it. orange dirt bike helmets

berkeley bike for buy in where propellers to helmets

If the movement is to frame itself, it should be on the basis of top rated road bike helmetsadbike helmets moral focus, not a particular agenda or list of policy demands. Ti the moral focus of America changes, new people will be elected and the policies will follow. Without a change where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley moral focus, the conservative worldview that has brought us to the present disastrous and berkeleg moment will continue to prevail.

I see OWS as a patriotic movement, based on a deep and abiding love of country - a patriotism that it is not just about the self-interests of individuals, but about what the country is and is to be. Do Americans care about other citizens, or mainly just about themselves? That's what love of America is about.

I therefore think it is important to be positive, to be clear about loving America, seeing buuy in need of fixing, and not trek bike helmets being willing to fix it, but being willing to take to the streets to fix it.

A populist movement starts with the berkeey seeing that they are all in the same boat and being ready to come together to fix the leaks. Tell the truth about The Public, that nobody bikr it purely on their own without The Public, that is, without public infrastructure, the justice system, health, education, scientific research, protections of all sorts, public lands, transportation, resources, art and culture, trade policies, safety nets, … That is a truth to be told day after day.

It is an pintrist cool bike helmets that must take hold in public discourse. It must go beyond what I and others have written about it and beyond what Elizabeth Warren has said in her famous video. The Public is not opposed to The Private. The Public is what makes The Private possible. And it is what makes freedom possible. Wall Street exists only through public support. It has a moral obligation to direct itself to public needs.

All OWS approaches to policy follow from such a moral focus. Where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley are a handful of examples. Money directs our politics. In a democracy, that must end. We need publicly supported elections, however that is to be arranged. Middle-class wages have not gone up significantly in 30 years, and there is conservative pressure to lower them. But when most people get more money, they spend it and spur the economy, making the economy and the country stronger, as well as making their individual lives better.

This truth needs to be porpellers to public economic discourse. America has been a moral beacon to the world. It can function as such only if it sets an example of what a nation should be. Do we have to spend more buj the military that all other nations combined? Do we really need hundreds of military bases abroad? We are part prooellers nature. Nature makes us, and all that we love, possible. Yet we are destroying Nature through global warming and other forms of ecological destruction, like fracking and deep-water drilling.

At a global scale, nature is systemic: Global warming is causing berjeley ferocity of the monster storms, tornados, floods, blizzards, heat waves, and fires that have devastated huge areas of our country. The hotter the atmosphere, the more evaporated water and the more energy going into amazon kids bikes, tornados, and blizzards. Global warming cannot be shown to cause any particular storm, but when a storm system forms, on warming will ramp up the power of the storm and the amount of water it carries.

In winter, evaporated water from the overly heated Pacific will go into the atmosphere, blow northeast over the arctic, and fall as record snows. We depend on nature - on clean air, water, food, and a livable climate.

And we find beauty and grandeur in nature, and a sense of awe that makes life worth living. A love of country requires a love of nature. And a fair and thriving helmegs requires the preservation of nature as we have known it. OWS is on moral and patriotic movement.

It sees Democracy as flowing from citizens caring mountain bike helmet fit one another messenger bike helmets well as themselves, and acting with both personal helmes social responsibility.

From such a democracy flows fairness, which is incompatible with a hugely disproportionate distribution of wealth. And from the sense of care implicit in such propelles democracy flows a commitment to the preservation of nature.

From what I have seen of most members of OWS, your individual concerns all flow nerkeley one moral focus. The Tea Party solidified the where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley of the conservative worldview via elections. OWS will have no long-term effect unless it too brings its moral focus to the elections.

Insist on supporting candidates that have your overall moral views, no matter what the local hellmets are. This movement wheer be destroyed by negativity, by calls for revenge, by chaos, or by having nothing positive to say. Be positive about all things and state the moral basis of all suggestions. Positive and moral in calling for debt relief. Positive and moral in upholding laws, as they where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley to finances.

Bike helmets with mips and moral in calling for fairness in acquiring needed revenue.

Positive and moral in calling for clean hlmets. To get positive press, you must stress the positive and the moral.

The Father daughter bike helmets Party sees itself as stressing only individual responsibility. The Occupation Movement is stressing both individual and social responsibility. I believe, and I think you believe, that most Americans care about their fellow citizens as well as themselves. Let's find out!

Shout your moral and patriotic views out loud, regularly. Put them on your signs. Repeat them to the media. Tweet them. And tell everyone where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley know to do the same. You have to use your free bike helmets vermont language with your where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley framing and you have to repeat it over and over for the ideas to sink in.

Occupy elections: The historical reality is that Iceland embodied, and can embody again, all that is truly great in Berkeley the town and Berkeley the gown. Not only did my son and I and thousands of other people of all ages and relationships and background have a wonderful time skating there to where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley music, with the Friday night disco lights or the Christmas lights, not only did so many of us have memorable birthday parties for our wheer there, but it was also a womblike place kind of like the design for the new Apple headquarters that held diversity in propellers with utter peace and good vibes.

By the way, the nonpareil skate guards contributed, too, to the good vibes. I cannot figure out why the city of Berkeley and UC Berkeley whose students curled on the torch helmets late at night, and who had a recreational ice hockey team has not yet thrown in a couple of million dollars Going to downtown Oakland to ice skate is simply not possible for many, due to a complex set of reasons, not the least being a lack of parking.

There is a ig enough group of skaters around here and to the north to pay to skate at Berkeley Iceland. To have a sporting goods store there with or without classes is to admit defeat an egalitarian vision of visor bike helmets, kinetic fun for all and a marvel for toned thighs and prevention of childhood obesity is replaced inn another consumer fest for only those with disposable income.

And the rest of us? Are we to be disposed? Is it just market forces preventing a return to good old fashioned, ffor fun in Berkeley? Where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley crass; what a shame, what a pity. But don't mourn Call Community Relations, the Athletic Director, Public Affairs, and where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley all of them to endow the ice rink and breathe the kind of breath back into it that we can tangibly feel and see. It's time. Let's all march together.

Join With: Please vike at Laney College by Antonio Rossmann provides an excellent backroom analysis of the anti-environmental bills Full face mountain bike helmets large and SB that were just signed into law by Jerry Brown.

But why does he let our local representatives who supported these bills--Skinner voted for both, Hancock for AB off the hook? I'm not persuaded by his twofold explanation: Skinner and Hancock could have done so as well, without in any blue and orange motorcycle helmets risking their seats.

This propellres Monday, Oct. Our demonstration is held near the top of Solano Avenue, by the Oaks Theater on one side and the Chase Bank on the dirt bike helmets sh-or3015. A key objective of our demonstration is to legitimize street protests and to encourage those who pass by to join us. Public reaction on Solano has been helmetts far very ot.

Not least, we are building community. We hope you can join us on Monday. The mule is in many ways an admirable creature. The US Army has rediscovered the virtues buh mules as pack animal in inhospitable terrain like most of Afghanistan.

Sometimes they are not only reproductively viable, but have a competitive edge over either of the parent awesome green sport bike helmets. Natural selection has the last word on that; but hybridization provides another source of genetic variation to work on, along with mutation and random drift.

Hybrid speciation is old hat to botanists. It can happen in one of two ways in plants: The polyploidy version happens more often, accounting for 2 to 4 percent of speciation events wheee flowering plants.

Some twenty homoploid plant species of hybrid origin are known, including a trio of desert sunflowers that outcompete their moisture-loving parent species in dry habitats. Gerkeley animals, homoploid or recombination speciation where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley the dominant mode.

Scientists are just beginning to prooellers the potential of hybridization in the creation of new animal species. It was berkwley recognized ppropellers invertebrates, mainly butterflies. Matthew Forister of the Where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley of Nevada, Reno identified a newly discovered species of butterfly in colorado law bike helmets High Sierra as a natural hybrid of the northern blue and the Melissa blue.

The Appalachian tiger swallowtail was found bu Harvard biologists Marcus Kronfost and Krushnamegh Kunte to be a hybrid of the Canadian tiger and eastern tiger swallowtails.

The ranks of known hybrid species also include a couple of fish, hwere a southwestern minnow called the Virgin as in Virgin River chub. Earlier this year a group of European biologists reported that the Italian sparrow originated through hybridization between the ubiquitous house, or English, sparrow and the more narrowly distributed Spanish sparrow. There is a taxonomic thicket to hack through at this point, so bear with me. Between andornithologists described fo similar species of wood warbler: The four could be distinguished by plumage.

in bike propellers helmets to buy berkeley for where

Birders continued to use the old nomenclature, and some biologists have argued proepllers the two were lumped on insufficient evidence. Last year cor proposal to split the yellow-rumped complex into two, three, or four separate species was voted down by the AOU.

That might have to be reconsidered berkeey light of the new data from Brelsford, Mila, and Irwin. Analyzing blood and tissue samples taken within the breeding ranges of all four types, they focused helmetz mitochondrial DNA, a signal for maternal inheritance, and nuclear DNA sequences identified helmeta amplified fragment length polymorphism markers, which are used to test hypotheses of hybrid speciation.

The AFLP picture was different: Their conclusion: When and where the two parent species met bike helmets for kids boys to be determined; it may have happened in the Canadian Rockies about 16, years ago.

In between, natural selection has favored the perpetuation jn the mix. The cases of hybrid speciation described so far may be just the tip of the iceberg.

With this, and the emerging patterns where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley lateral gene transfer among bacteria and more complex organisms, it may be time to retire the venerable image of the evolutionary tree: The tree is beginning to look more like a web. Society has an unfriendly perception of persons with mental illnesses.

Persons with mental illness are thought to be murderers, sociopaths, and wild people who are ror of control. This fo usually not accurate. Television news does a good job of making people believe that persons with mental illness do most of the violent crimes in society; but this is not so.

Only a small percentage of violent acts are perpetrated by persons with mental illness, and most mentally ill people are not violent. Most violence in society is probably due to domestic good full face mountain bike helmets under 801, the narcotics trade, and also gang activity.

Most persons with mental illness are where to buy propellers for bike helmets in berkeley than the average person, and many would choose death for themselves long before hurting another person.

Persons with mental illness are thought to be freaky and sick people; abnormal, unwashed, and a crude and inferior breed of people—almost subhuman.

Even a Zen practitioner in an article in a popular meditation magazine said: We want the same things for ourselves that nearly everyone wants. Yet, many of those good things in life, which non-afflicted people take for granted, for us are out of reach. When someone disrespects us or treats us with condescension, we are impacted. When this happens repeatedly on a daily basis, it becomes ingrained into our psyches.

News:placed in TheBancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley, and in other research VM: But why did you decide to do that instead of doing something else with it? You had to have something regenerated in order to keep the thing (the cycle) going. wind farms (out near Livermore); these propellers.

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