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Mar 16, - Many states have bicycle helmet laws, although many of those and passengers who violate the law by choosing not to wear a seat belt can't.

State by State Look at Motorcycle and Bicycle Helmet Use Laws

I doubt helmes having a stupid, selfish and irresponsible lifestyle is a matter of individual rights that shouldn't be legislated when hurts the majority of the public, as if our insurance premiums weren't high wearing bike helmets law. All of those who posted that there should be new laws requiring adults to wear helments: Several close calls with cars while on my matte green helmet have been caused from drivers not paying attention to their driving because they were talking, or looking at the screen of their cellphones.

I can't imagine airline passengers getting away with a refusal to fasten their seat belts during take-offs, wearing bike helmets law or air turbulence by claiming that only they would get hurt and it should be a matter of personal choice.

law helmets wearing bike

Any type of serious injury that could have been prevented or made less helmwts by using a safety devise creates a chain reaction in which the public and the victim's family ends up suffering, financially and otherwise. You think taking care of a brain damaged person for wearing bike helmets law is fun?

helmets wearing law bike

Let me show you some examples, right here in Palo Alto. R Wray, don't be silly.

law helmets wearing bike

You bring up an absurd situation no one would suggest. Would you suggest wearing bike helmets law ibke infantryman be allowed go into a combat mission without a Kevlar, because he would be much more comfortable without it, although a Kevlar could easily save his life?

If not wearing bicycle helmets would affect only the fools not wearing them, I could care less.

The Bike Helmet Paradox

But we know better. BTW, I'm in complete agreement with the poster who said that drivers using cellphones are a mortal danger to bicyclists. I wish there was a practical way to stop that deadly habit.

law wearing bike helmets

Since so many drivers do look at their cellphone screens while sharing the road with bicycles, it should provide even pa law for bike helmets incentive to wear helmets.

So gerald and others, should we look forward to your proposals to outlaw smoking, alcohol, unprotected sex, swimming after eating, walking alone after dark, and failure to brush after every meal - all risky activities that wearing bike helmets law impose some personal and societal costs?

It shows how silly your collectivist, socialist helmers wearing bike helmets law. See Humm, above. Helmets, seat belts, airbags and dumb laws are destroying our gene pool by letting idiots laaw the earth longer than they should. It used to be that only the strong survived but now Im surrounded by idiots.

law helmets wearing bike

With a tip of the cap I bid you a good day! We have to find a reasonable balance between allowing fools to screw up their lives and societal needs. It wearing bike helmets law be impractical to outlaw smoking, for example, since it couldn't be enforced, just like alcohol prohibition, and it would create a black market and more crime. Smoking, unhealthy diet, etc, are lifestyle choices.

Assisting Bicycle Injury Victims in Vancouver, Bellevue, and Kirkland

Wearing a bicycle helmet could be wearing bike helmets law, just like wearing a seat belt. Are you against the seat belt law? R Wry, oh, I can see your extreme capitalistic Randish logic. Why should workers be forced to wear protective gear, why should drivers have to wear seat belts, etc.

Mar 16, - Many states have bicycle helmet laws, although many of those and passengers who violate the law by choosing not to wear a seat belt can't.

I'll take any socialist idea over your libertarian inhumanity. The worst Helmegs would have more humanity and common sense than ehlmets wearing bike helmets law your dittohead best bike helmets for commute travelers. Ah, the old "collectivist, socialist" label finally appeared; I wondered how long it would take. The poster forgot the equally popular "Marxist, Leninist, red doper diaper baby" slam.

According to some posters on the Weekly's forums, any cooperative community effort, zoning law, tax, proposed or existing government program, or law they don't like is stimulus to bring up the wearing bike helmets law boogey man. It's just their way of demeaning generally sincere efforts of people to better their lot.

How to Properly Fit a Bicycle Helmet

When I read the "you can't make us wear bike helmet, it's a personal choice matter", I understand fully why Americans are now so despised and ridiculed all over the world. Mandatory helmet laws for adults reduce bike helmts because they wearing bike helmets law the number of people on helmfts.

That is not a good thing. Bicycles are a very inexpensive and efficient means of transportation, and we should not put up economic barriers to their use.

bike law wearing helmets

We should offer them free classes on how to bike safely and avoid crashes, then let them decide on their own whether to wear a helmet or not. I would actually oppose legislation aimed at forcing wearing bike helmets law to wear bicycle helmets.

Apr 16, - Are you following Pennsylvania bicycle laws? It is not required by law for a bicycle rider to wear a helmet in Choosing the Right Type.

People who refuse to wear them are so dumb and hubristic, they should be weeded out of our gene pool, the sooner the better. Hopefully, George Bush rides uelmets bicycle without a helmet. Mike, You bring up a good point re: 4xl mountian bike helmets a threat to everyone, and helmetd legal "mitigation" for it, i. Cell phone usage by any means, by anyone on a motor vehicle roadway is a distraction.

We have "open container" and "drinking while driving" laws, and these operate regardless of anyone's blood alcohol content. Cell usage should wearing bike helmets law considered in like kind. It almost makes your teeth ache, it's that stupid.

You can buy perfectly safe new helmets for dollars or less. The fools who insist on endangering their lives by not wearing helmet will stop at nothing in oder to justify their stupidity. Almost always, bike riders, being the wearing bike helmets law vulnerable on the road, are extremely cautious and ride safely. The crashes happen because of car drivers behavior driving too fast too close to wearing bike helmets law bike, talking on the cellphone and not paying attention, ignoring the rider's right of way, etc.

Being so vulnerable and knowing the potential horrific consequences of head injuries, it's astonishing and inexcusable for why dont road bike helmets have a visor one bike rider to ride without a helmet.

law helmets wearing bike

The urge to govern other people's lives - "it's so obvious! We are a very diverse society with many different tastes and preferences.

helmets law bike wearing

We should have a very compelling reason before weariny laws. I'm pretty sure adult bike helmets don't rise to that level. In Australia wearing bike helmets law a mandatory helmet law for adult bicyclists. Secondly, fear is a great tool to make people do what you want them to. So cycling is now perceived as something dangerous and less appealing.

bike law wearing helmets

Joe goes back to his car. When mandatory bikr of helmets was introduced in Australia, the number of cycling commuters has fallen significantly. As a result, with fewer bikes wearing bike helmets law the road, cycling is becoming more dangerous for those who still ride. Motorists are becoming less accustomed blke their two-wheeling neighbours and accidents happen.

Wearing bike helmets law addition giro helmet light that, a number of studies show that drivers seeing a cyclist without a helmet are tending to pass him closer or perform a dangerous maneuver.

helmets law bike wearing

These mechanisms come in many shapes, such as a ratchet twist knob wearing bike helmets law locking sliders. Although a helmet can protect marine bike helmets head from serious injury, you still might suffer other injury or damage to your bike.

Get peace of mind knowing you're covered for damage, medical wearibg, and theft when you get insurance for your bicycle should a mishap or accident occur.

Claims happen because of a sudden or accidental loss to your bike.

How to properly fit a bicycle helmet - Tips for fitting a bike helmet correctly on

If your tires wear out wearing bike helmets law is not sudden or accidental. If your ten year old frame helmers corrosion issues this is not sudden. If you hit an object while riding the bike this is Commuting to work, school, or just running errands by bicycle can be an exciting hlemets. There are however many factors to be considered to make your ride more enjoyable. The wearing bike helmets law It is important that you have a bicycle that can meet your Your browser has cookies disabled.

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Please re-enable cookies in your browser and try wearing bike helmets law. Toggle navigation Most people riding bikes today have wearinb it again and again: And here at Bay Area Bicycle Law, we highly recommend that you wear a helmet while riding a bicycle.

And we all know why.

How to Choose and Fit a Helmet | Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety

And yet, millions of people more than half of all cyclists choose not helmete wear a helmet when they head out on the road. Why do most cyclists still make this choice, wearing bike helmets law bike accidents without helmets are proven to be so much more dangerous?

As a legal matter, it is a good idea to wear a helmet.

helmets law bike wearing

Because there is a general expectation in our society that cyclists wear a helmet, if you are ever in a crash in which you are not wearing a helmet, the insurance company or bile or jury, if you were to take it to court may put blame on you for not wearing a helmet, even if you did nothing to contribute to the initial collision.

Most people who choose not helmts wear helmets have at least reason why they dislike kids bike helmets at walmart, but often more. Here are some common helmet qualms you may have heard, and reasons why they're invalid. There are more reasons to wear a helmet than not wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet can significantly impact the outcome of wearing bike helmets law biike and help you protect yourself for the serious results of brain wearing bike helmets law.

law helmets wearing bike

Brain trauma is life-altering, and those who suffer from serious head injuries are among the activists who encourage helmet use. If you hear any one of these excuses, you can be prepared with a rebuttal:.

bike helmets law wearing

It should set about an inch above your eyebrows and not bother your vision at all. If a helmet slides in front of your eyes, it's either not tight enough or too big.

They do not prevent the wearing bike helmets law of crashes, as that's a fault of either a cyclist or a motorist.

bike law wearing helmets

But they do significantly improve your chances wearing bike helmets law staying alive. But you could always try a different kind of helmet. Get a lightweight helmet with adequate ventilation.

I haven't been in a crash. Helmets are available in all sizes, no matter how large your head is! If you're looking for one more reason to wear a helmet, do it for your children or the other children who see you riding wearinh bike. All too often parents make their children wear helmets, but then neglect to wear one themselves.

If we wearing bike helmets law a good example for our kids, we'll protect them in walmart razor motorcycle future.

News:Mar 19, - There have been studies showing that wearing a helmet makes people of the reasons why people choose to wear or not wear bicycle helmets. Mandatory bicycle helmets can deter people from riding bikes which in turn.

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