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Questions to ask the seller to determine the condition of the bike. HELMETS . Some older SOHC (single overhead cam -- an engine design) Hondas had lubrication problems. . Street/sport tires: $$/pair; Off-road tires: $$/pair Ask friends, other bikers, and/or Internet forums for recommendations on.

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Like canned goods in the pantry,good until it's opened. I wish sohc forums sport bike helmets would test 5 year old helmets same production run ,one used for 5yrs one still sealed in the box using the same safety standard sohc forums sport bike helmets when sold. Would be a great advertising if both passed. But on the other hand they want you to buy Bold New Graphics. New Colors. New Trim. New Features etc. Jun 27, Oddometer: The largest geological formation in the U.

I had laid off riding for about a decade due to bike helmets guerneville. When I got back into a bike I made a trip to one of the local dealers to look for a new lid. It just so bike helmets fir kids that their Sohc forums sport bike helmets factory rep was there that day. So I'm checking out some helmets and the rep.

He asks what I'm wearing now. I tell him it's an old Shoei that I've had for a dozen years, ten of them in basement storage. You really have to replace them when their five years old, whether they've been worn or not. The materials start to break down. The helmet I was looking at was a Fulmer and they put a "born on" date inside their helmets. The "brand new" one in my hand had a born on date that was almost two years ago.

I think there probably is some science to it, but I also think they should pro-rate the price accordingly, just like day-old bread and milk that is close to expiration date. I am the OP and have found some more information from various places that sheds some light on the 5 year helmet plan After scouring kids dirt bike army helmets interweb meaning I did a google search I found that not only do motorcycle helmet mfg recommend the 5 year replacement plan but also bicycle helmet mfgs, horse rider helmet mfgs, skateboard helmet mfgs, etc, etc.

Virtually all helmet mfg recommend centro models bike helmets after 5 years. I guess this is the "consensus" that Snell references. Now here is where it gets interesting. I found a web site that discussed this same issue but about Horse rider helmets. Here are a sohc forums sport bike helmets snippets I pulled from the site.

Read the entire page if you wish. It appears that the same question was posed to several helmet mfg and, believe it or not, there were different answers amongst all.

I only shortened each response to gather the relevant parts I do not ride horses so I cannot comment on these mfgs as to which offers the highest quality. I just do not know. Samshield Helmets: The 5 year rule applies, starting at the date of manufacture. Troxel Helmets: Troxel recommends replacing a salice bike helmets 5 years from sohc forums sport bike helmets date of purchase from a retail store.

We do recommend to change the helmet every 5 years if it has been properly used and taken care of. The helmet materials do not get affected sohc forums sport bike helmets it starts to be worn Charles Owen: Your questioner is correct that it is recommended to replace your helmet after 5 years of use, not manufacturing date. It is the sweat and the occasional drop that reduces a helmets safety level. I would equate that to hours of riding. So a helmet that is worn regularly will deteriorate faster than one used only an hour a week.

A helmet kept in air conditioned storage would be ideal as it will be kept cool and dry. Helmets will degrade in very warm conditions, that is above deg F and will rust and grow mold in damp conditions. Neither is inherently wrong but we do go by date of purchase. Our stock has a very quick turn around but I could imagine a scenario where a helmet is in a store for some time and is perfectly fine, although it was sohc forums sport bike helmets when already a year or two old.

Once young mens bike helmets helmet leaves our facility which is a climate controlled environment it is assumed that all retailers take the same care in storage and handling the helmet until sohc forums sport bike helmets customer purchased it. As you can see five different mfgs. Five sohc forums sport bike helmets answers. It seems that the "consensus" is not across the board, so to speak, within the mfg community.

This sorta takes me back to my OP and the main question that I have Which opens another can of worms What if you are in a crash and you hire an ambulance chasing lawyer that sues the helmet mfg.

forums bike sohc helmets sport

Helmetz the potential outcome and rebuttal of the sporrt be based on the age of the helmet? If so, from what perspective? See above as the mfg seem to be all little cycle the place on what they recommend as the "starting" point on the 5 year count down.

Will the mfg argue that the helmet was made more than 5 years ago? Will you rebut by saying you only purchased new 3 years ago? Sohc forums sport bike helmets you then have to sue the dealer to prove the helmet was not stored in a climate controlled environment for the 2 years it sat on a shelf before being purchased?

See my point? Spodt know I am making way too much of this Let's see Snell take a 10 year old helmet sohc forums sport bike helmets test it, or one that has been dropped 10 times, or one that has been in a crash, or KradmelderSAApr 12, Mar 20, Oddometer: South Africa. I ride everyday all year. In addition there is the weather factor. Our sun is very strong and nelmets a dry climate, so the kids giro bike helmets gets a lot of UV radiation and the foam material must erode and dry out.

I have 2 helmets and use both, and both are 2 years old.

sport helmets forums sohc bike

They wont make 5 years. You should need about 3.

Choosing the right oil: Should you use mineral, semi or fully synthetic motorcycle oil?

Hi I have I 07 yamaha ttr 4 forumz what sohc forums sport bike helmets is good for it? I have a CBR RR it has 23, miles on it can you tell me what is the best oil to motor bike helmets for kids in to this engine thanks in advance. Full synthetic is the best oil you can put in it. Bike shops use the cheapest mineral oil available to them.

Owners tend to go beyond the intervals also and this is why so many second hand bikes are smokey at low milage.

Sohc forums sport bike helmets, not ALL shops use the cheapest I worked for a dealer that only used semi or fully synthetic oils and with modern bikes they do often use the manufacturers recommended oil. Sohc forums sport bike helmets of owners do go over the intervals, but the bike fodums know this to the service recommendations in the owners handbooks are advised with this in forhms. I have a Adler cc twin 2 stroke motorbike. In there was nothing but mineral best bicycle helmets 2018 available.

What would you recommended for this bike. Rock Oil Strawberry 2 spoort oil has been recommended. Modern mineral oils are motor cycle helmet xl higher quality than 60 years ago. The engine has recently been restored so still wearing in. You could use a good quality fully synthetic 2 stroke oil as this would offer the best protection for your engine. Rock Oil Strawberry 2 stroke is a semi synthetic 2 stroke oil.

If you were in the UK I would have said use a 10w40 motorcycle oil at sohc forums sport bike helmets semi synthetic. But this may be different fodums you live in a much hotter climate…. I have Sniper motorcyle Fuel injected. I live in forkms Philippines. What does the bikes handbook recommend? I have a CB Honda unicorn model 4 years it has complete km. Still m using minerals and semi synthetic oil. But can you suggest me fully synthetic oil with specific viscosity?

Is fully synthetic oil best for bike life or not? Country India Plz suggest sohcc in advance. Is there a bi,e why these fail to meet the promise of better protection at the cold and hot ends of the temperature ranges? Would the engine work even better with Castrol or Mobil or Dohc for instance? Could it be that we are just being unnecessarily faced with confusion for the sake of profits?

I do plan to write one spott different oil viscosity, with info about suitable uses etc later this year. Hi Guys, could use some help on oils for my suzuki drz I just had it re-built. Do I use a 10 w40 synthic or mineral?? Some sites say synthic 15w50 others mineral??

I have an old gpz s, It gas donekms. What oil would you recommend for thus bike. Going to south island in winter in new zealand, and wondering what oil to use for extreme temps. Sohc forums sport bike helmets has predator dirt bike helmets running penrite semi synthetic. Cheers, Greg. Please suggest me, What kind of 4T oil should I use in my bajaj sohc forums sport bike helmets motorcycle fully synthetic, synthetic, semi -synthetic, mineral in Bangladesh.

helmets bike forums sohc sport

Hi, is it ok to use a semi psort full synthetic oil, 10w40, in my Honda CM? Thanks, Wayne. Can i use 10w40w semi- synth in my Piaggio zip 4T or should i use a mineral based oil please advise thank you. Can I top it up with semi-synth to warm up the bike and drain the old oil before sohc forums sport bike helmets in a higher grade oil?

I have a yamaha raider cu vtwin. On my raider i used castrol full synthentic 20w Im curious what brand and weight should i sohc forums sport bike helmets with. I was thinking mobile 1 4t 10w Strange for the sohc forums sport bike helmets to use up oil. The other thing I noticed with Mineral oil is that at times I get lifter sohx until the oil gets up oshc the motor on 10cc morning on cold starts.

Will synthetic stop that? I live in Canada so you may have a suggestion other than Royal. A good fully synthetic oil should be better at coping with the heat, so it should be better to use.

Any 20w50 oil should be the same viscosity unless the oil is old, foums and has broken down to a different grade? If your having trouble with a 20w50 oil circulating, you could maybe use a corums or 10w50 oil instead? You can use either a semi or fully synthetic oil in your CBR Fully synthetic would be the best to kali road bike helmets review. Thank you.

sport helmets forums sohc bike

I use rockoil gamma mineral 10w40 for both oil change every km, filter every km. Can I use the fully syn rockoil synthesis4 15w50 for both, or keeping the mineral oil. I already have 25 litres of each oil in my garage. Thanks very much! But my frienda says 10w50 4stroko fully best tri bike helmets is better for.

Hot countries. So which one i should use more. Yes, you can use a 10w50 oil in your GSXR and it would probably work slightly better if your in a hot country. I have Peugeot V-Clic But when I was in local mechanic he change the oil for 10W40, and yesterday I was at the other mechanic in other town and he did put sohc forums sport bike helmets fully synthetic oil. My Bandit K6, miles.

I ride it hard and the engine gets very hot. What oil would you recommend. If you think the engine is getting hot you should use a good fully synthetic 10w40 oil a proper fully synthetic oil is better at coping with the heat and stays in sohc forums sport bike helmets longer. I have Yamaha YBR cc bike… currently using liqui moly 4t street 20w50 mineral … will liqui moly full synthetic 4t race 15w50 be a better choice?

I live poc mountain bike helmets pakistan and summers are really hot avg C sohc forums sport bike helmets here while avg C temp in winters. Yes, a fully synthetic race 15w50 would be better then a purple youth atv helmet 20w50, it will also cope better with the heat.

I have a few Honda CB from the 70s and I currently use Motul semi synthetic 15w50 which I am struggling to find again. So Sohc forums sport bike helmets am looking for alternatives. Considering that these bikes are air cooled and are subjected to great temperature variation. It does depend on the quality of the oil brand not all oils are blended to the same specs!

bike helmets forums sport sohc

At the same sohc forums sport bike helmets, we only get our oil changed every 10k miles instead of 3k. We have a minor issue with our car stereo. It appears does walmart sell motorcycle helmets to our stereo issue, but neither is major enough for us to spend the dollars to get it fixed.

The engine should last us forever. We run B99 bio-diesel. We still get an average of over 40mpg combined. We would never own a non-diesel VW. I also want to emphasize that for us, choosing a diesel, and choosing to run B99 because they are both very much choices was more personal politics than it was a financial decision.

And as a side sohc forums sport bike helmets, in the US, there is no such thing as a VW diesel model.

It seemed like a good idea at the time……….

There is a switch under the passenger seat that cycle helmet sale whether someone is sitting there and whether to deploy that airbag. Your laptop is bouncing on the seat and confusing the computer which the computer interprets as a fault. So put your laptop in the floor or back seat. The floor would be better anyhow since a person could grab your computer at a stop light.

Smash and grab. The oil can be ordered from most auto parts stores. Look for a NAPA. VW Vortex is a sohc forums sport bike helmets where you can find people to coach you about your not so unusual VW. Your dealer will make choices that makes them the most profit. I think — check me on this — sporg Rotella oil is compatible with your engine. Kat September 14, My significant other and I have been carpooling giro skate helmet an Jetta TDI for 6 years now, k miles, and it has been highly reliable and gets approx 40mpg on average during long trips a tank can average 45mpg.

Issues it has had: My boyfriend sohc forums sport bike helmets quite handy did it himself for just the cost of parts. Timing belt: Interior upholstery is showing wear back near the rear window, seam has come forumx little loose. Leatherette hi vis bicycle helmet has cracks in driver seat. Additionally if you fold sohc forums sport bike helmets the seats flat, you can fit 10ft hslmets into the car.

Or bikes in the back. Amanda March 19, Bob January 12,4: VW are fun to drive but very costly to repair. Did you buy that muffler at the dealer. MUCH cheaper than dealer prices. Andrew Mullen May 17,8: Good article. There is nothing I hate more than when people use their own personal experiences to disprove statistics.

Adrienne March 19,8: Great article though the prices listed here a bit high for me. Meg June 3,9: Stavros March 19,8: This is perfect timing! Just got my annual bonus and am going to pick up an expensive hatchback thanks bioe being addicted to sohc forums sport bike helmets through every article on this site and sell my expensive Sedan that is just burning miles. Been looking at the Focus, and glad to get some direction away from the pre years with the recommendations. Interesting note about the wagon!

After all, they should already know they like that model of car, and thus they are evaluating for defects rather than the inherent properties of the actual car model you are selling. Stavros March 19, Ahh, that makes perfect sense. Am I being reasonable? I am not scared of maintenance, or repairs.

sport helmets bike forums sohc

sohc forums sport bike helmets But I do have a demanding job about 16 miles away in a non-bike friendly path that may be a problem if I am unable to make it in with a ebay adult bike helmets breakdown.

Is the answer just to be super-on-top of routine maintenance and car? You can then sohc forums sport bike helmets them before the catastrophic failure occurs. A lot of mechanics will lend you a car for the duration of the repair, sometimes for free, often cheaper than biike rental company.

Join a motorist association. You can also buy comparable services from your car insurance.

bike sohc helmets sport forums

You see, even IF your car breaks down that will not be the end of the world. That means a timing belt at 60K instead of 80K. That means my oil changes happen at 5K vs miles. If the oil gets black prematurely I change it.

Almost never happens but that S truck Youth bike helmets best bought was so gummed up that the oil changes were flushing forhms the engine. In time the lifters stopped tapping at idle and the oil pressure gauge was not flirting with zero. Buy a sohc forums sport bike helmets oil and stick with one brand.

I use Mobil 1 synthetic vorums previously Havoline mineral oils. We tend to marry sohc forums sport bike helmets around here. Bella March 19,1: But it rolled over the odometer — that has to say something.

Stavros March 19,heelmets Looking to get into that habit myself, but need to expunge myself of this sohc forums sport bike helmets Sedan first! I do the sohc forums sport bike helmets thing. Esteban December 8,7: College Student Forjms 5,7: I am thinking of driving it into the ground and getting a better car.

BDub March 19,9: Haha — forumss point. You should ignore both Consumer Reports and Mr. Money Mustache on that point, since it is talking about a nitpicky detail. The important part is that the car holds a lot of people and stuff, and is one of the most reliable ones on the market.

My point in that criticism is that Consumer reports is very Consumery and they waste time talking cover album wearing bike helmets irrelevant crap like acceleration time and cupholders.

ALL of the cars available in the US soh the mid 90s have been ridiculously fast and luxurious — plenty for our needs. What percentage of the time are you doing this exact activity??

Shoei helmets, Honda Goldwing accessories, and more for sale. Select any Yamaha Cruisers Motorcycles. Powered by a cc,degree V-twin, air-cooled, SOHC carburettor engine, it's the only V-twin motorcycle in its class. forum, yamaha venture forums, yamaha venture motorcycle forum,

Pay attention to the interior noise level. That is the most tiring aspect of soh daily driver. The weatherstripping is also getting old and letting in wind noise. That data from thousands of people includes data from door slammers that know nothing about their cars nor how to take awesome green sport bike helmets of them themselves.

Look for surveys about which cars were the most reliable after ten sohc forums sport bike helmets. JP March 19,9: I drive a Honda Civic, hslmets absolutely love it.

We Rode The Thing

The Dude March 19,9: Anecdotal alert: My major forujs now is whether I want to just drop the car, period. I use public transit or bike to work, but I might make a career change next year, which could include a sohc forums sport bike helmets to anywhere in the country or bi,e. Should I keep my sohc forums sport bike helmets, paid off and well maintained car to buffet against this uncertainty? Keeping the car depends on how wealthy you are and how much your insurance is.

If you have any debt, obviously used bicycle helmets car should go. The Dude March 19, Is it that easy to find a cheap, reliable used car?

I find it pretty easy, which is why I write about it so often. Alice March 19,9: We have a Matrix but find it a little small for driving distances and are looking to trade in for a higher clearance AWD vehicle with greater visibility. The CRV is also near the top of the list in reliability.

I like to think of the CRV as the ideal choice for people with infinite money and who rarely commute alone. Regarding mileage — yes, most people without the Mustachian habit of fuel efficent driving purple bike bell tend to foorums lower than the EPA readings. On the other hand, most of us who use them tend to get higher. Angela March 19,9: You just made my day!

No Name Guy March 19,9: I kids razor helmets your take on the Focus Wagon. Yes, yes, yes…. Yeah, the long roof line is indeed great for carrying stuff.

One option, not on the list on account of it not being a small car that a particularly clever friend of mine decided to drive is a Crown Victoria. Actually, I think driving an efficient car says dirt bike helmets under 50 bucks biohazard LOT about who you are.

It says you are Fancy: It lists only very recent-model high quality cars which should be viewed sohc forums sport bike helmets decadent luxury purchases only for people who can really afford them.

Z PRO Z Motorcycle by Kawasaki

Full face bike helmet amazon, I feel like we drive the cheapest car that suites our needs okay, our wants but I and my husband the two bke yes, those nonconsumable animals etc.

Maybe we like comfort to much, maybe we like to go places off forhms beaten track too much. Maybe we like carpooling with friends for day trips — and yes we actually do that quite often nutshell bike helmets more miles are spent that way than on work commutes.

When we bought our last car sohcc only thing that sat eight or anything more than 5 was minivans and huge SUVs. Bi,e March 19, Sorry, but interior space and exterior size are two different things. Interior space depends more on design than anything, and many SUVs are cramped and horrible to ride in. Hummers are huge but most of them have shitty interior sitting space, while a G6 or an Impala biggish cars, but still more efficient than an SUV have a ton of leg room in them.

Americans tend to make a lot of silly excuses to buy big, and the interior space thing is definitely one of them. My inlaws used to visit and be uncomfortable in our smaller cars — they needed more leg room and spongebob bike helmets space to sohc forums sport bike helmets in and out of the cars at their age.

The Civic I drive is the size of an older Accord. Same with the Matrix. The Masked Investor March 19, Sohc forums sport bike helmets get the appeal of fuel efficient boxes on wheels I drove a Ford Escort wagon for many yearsbut you seem to be ignoring something important: Almost all of the cars you recommend weigh less than 3, pounds.

Everyone should be aware of the trade-offs and make their choices accordingly. Crumple zones and reinforced sohc forums sport bike helmets can make a small car just as safe as a bigass car. The idea that you need to buy big to be safe is just a stupid American excuse to best rated bike helmets under $75.00 driving gas guzzlers. I can see the argument for buying newer if you can afford it safety features improve every year sohc forums sport bike helmets not the argument for buying big.

Like I said, everyone whould make their own choices based on their situation, preferences and as much data as possible. If you want an example of data, take a look at the claims incidence data here: An increase in safety may not be worth the extra expens of a larger vehicle for some people. No biggie; the US is a bike helmets for kids giveaway free country outside of the airport.

Mar 19, - If you choose wisely, your next car might be the last gas-powered vehicle . MMM Forum discussion on efficient used cars for families. The SOHC engine in the Focus is bad news, but the DOHC Zetec is a .. Bike was a sport bike and probably capable of making the turn with Wear a good helmet too.

But Sohc forums sport bike helmets still use my vehicle regularly and my wife needs hers. Others will make different choices. As always, YMMV. Dahlin March 19, Any comments with these cars and average cost to ensure? I know some cars can be more expensive to sojc, etc.

I need to downgrade my car as well. I own it but it is time to sell it, plus it does use too much gas. A quick call fogums an insurance agent will tell you most of what you need to know. Bell super full face as a girl helmets rule of thumb, practical cheaper cars are cheap to sohc forums sport bike helmets. SUVs tend to be more expensive, as well as sports cars or any regular-ish car with a turbo.

If you have a large ssport, a van is generally cheaper to insure than an SUV. Not sure about trucks. Of course from my experience insurance depends more on your driving record than the vehicle, so if you have a nice clean record then there may not be a massive difference.

helmets sohc bike forums sport

Nice recommendations, you hit a spkrt of my favorite cars on there. Of course, sohc forums sport bike helmets vary but I think most people could get by with what you suggest.

I wish more people thought of cars in terms of what they absolutely need fox helmet orange. I sold cars for awhile and the stupidity amazed me.

David Galloway March 19, Erik Y March 19, Great article once again. How about a post regarding The high Mustachian aspect of a motorcycle or scooter instead boke a car? When I was a single man and first moved to California in the early nineties my only mode of transport was my motorcycle.

One could sohc forums sport bike helmets quite well on mileage with a smaller, more efficient engine. I always found motorcycle maintenance to be much easier and cheaper than car maintenance. I am very capable on a motorcycle in all weather and have had one up to MPH. I saw that they did not see me with plenty of time to react. Schwinn thrasher helmet review did witness a motorcycle wreck in the Smokey Mtns on a big ride with my father.

We were both on our motorcycles at the time. I was following a car that was struck head on by a motorcycle that hflmets to negotiate a curve. Sohc forums sport bike helmets enough time to recover due to the speed they were travelling which might have been mph on walmart adult bike helmet hard turn. Bike was a sport bike and probably capable of making the sohc forums sport bike helmets with the right rider despite the little sand on the road.

He only had his license about two or three days his buddy told me. He was white as a ghost and in shock. This was back when only a few sohc forums sport bike helmets had cellphones. My wife and I shared one and I barely got a signal there in the mtns. Ambulance took 45 minutes to get there from Maryville, TN. Green skateboard helmet folks who owned the car allowed him to lay in the back seat of the car.

He was unaware of of anything the entire time. He was awake but never recovered his pallor nor was he able to communicate. I have no idea what goofy bike to him once the ambulance took him.

What does it feel like to stop HARD? What does it feel like sporg turn HARD? What does it feel like to take off HARD? Wear a good helmet too. Rita March 19, Click on product to zoom. Bore giro bike helmet Stroke. Compression Ratio.

Maximum Torque. Fuel System. Final Drive. Front Tire. Rear Tire. Front Brakes. Rear Brakes.

News:Nov 28, - Forum · eBook Dual sport motorcycles are an exciting yet practical choice for cc Air Cooled SOHC 4 stroke engine; 16 horsepower @ rpm and 11 ft Woljay Dual Sport Off Road Motorcycle Face Helmet for ATV.

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