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A properly-fitting helmet can help reduce the risk of a bicycle fall resulting in A child's helmet must fit right NOW—do not buy a helmet for them to "grow into.

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The helmet should move only a little bit. With the heel of your hand, push up on the front edge of the helmet.

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If it exposes your forehead, shorten the front straps. Then grab the back and try to push the helmet forward off your head.

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If it covers your eyes, shorten the back straps. Getting a good bike helmet fit and then wearing your helmet every time you ride is just one part of bicycling safety.

Follow the rules of the road and make sure you are visible to drivers.

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The safest move is to avoid an accident in the first place. Plus, CR expert, John Galeotafiore, demonstrates the correct way to wear a helmet. For 80 years, Mqke Reports has been testing products and recreational bike helmets to create a fairer, safer, and healthier marketplace.

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Please bicyclw Member Services at If there is too much room on either side or the front and the back of the head, the helmet is too big. Find a smaller one.

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Put a finger through one of the top vent of the helmet. If the helmet sits high on the walmart skateboard helmet and there is a gap between the top of the head and the inside top of the helmet, the helmet is too small. Find a bigger one.

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Check to see the shape of the helmet fits the head shape and make minor adjust. If the helmet fits well helmer the front and the back, but a little tight on the sides, replace thicker comfort pads with thinner ones on the sides.

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Expensive helmets are not necessarily safer than inexpensive ones — make sure the helmet has the appropriate sticker before you buy it. Hard shell and soft shell helmets have the same interior and are considered equally protective so long as they're CPSC-approved. Hard shell helmets are heavier and may be strenuous on a young child's neck.

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These help drivers see your child and help motivate your child to wear them. Helmets can be decorated with reflective stickers.

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Ever wonder what the most important criteria makke for finding the right fit for a bike helmet? Choose a helmet of your size Helmets typically come in small, medium, and large.

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Get the go fit Now that you have picked out the right size you can how to make a bicycle helmet the perfect fit by making minor adjustments to the helmet itself. Almost all helmets have a sizing dial on the back of the helmets internal sizing ring. Put the helmet on bicyclf head and tighten dial until the helmet no longer wobbles or slips. Position the helmet correctly The helmet should sit level on your head not tilted back with the front edge one inch two fingers or less above your eyebrows so that your forehead is protected.

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Adjust the straps around both ears until you have a comfortable fit. There should be just enough room to fit your finger between the strap and your chin.

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Another test is to open your mouth wide with the straps done up.

News:Fortunately, you don't have to worry about which bike helmets will keep you safe. All BIKE helmets sold in America meet the same CPSC (Consumer Product.

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