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And bicycle laws are ineffective even if wearing a helmet is a good thing. The extension of the law in Washington State to Seattle reduced the.

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It ain't because they wear helmets. They don't. It's because they have lots of bike infrastructure and lots of people using it.

Bike salmon: omen or harbinger?

Meanwhile, our constant helmet-shaming serves only to discourage cycling. It makes people forget cycling can be a mode of transport and not just a sport.

helmets snob hate nyc bike

It makes riding a bike seem more dangerous than it is. It facilitates victim-blaming.

snob nyc helmets bike hate

You could get flattened by a steamroller and the newspapers would still go out of their way point out whether or bie you were wearing a helmet. It allows city officials, police, and drivers to cop out by focusing on what cyclists are wearing on their heads when they crash instead of what's hate helmets bike snob nyc those crashes in the first place.

It may take a day or it may take a year, but your child will learn how schwinn thrasher helmet give you a wedgie. Stable, weatherproof, kid can bring his or her favorite toys. A bike can turn even a mundane journey into a delightful one.

You can drive down the same street a million times and be bored to tears, and then all of a smob you do it by bike helmetss it becomes an hate helmets bike snob nyc filled with wonder.

nyc hate helmets bike snob

In the car, all they really see is the seatback. When you show up hate helmets bike snob nyc school or the local grocery store, expect your neighbors to loiter and gawk while you load or unload, and they expect you to account for yourself. Purchase Bike Bikw Abroad: Subscribe to our monthly Pop Culture Newsletter.

"The Greatest Cycling Manual Ever Written"--Eben Weiss, author of "Bike Snob"

ChamoisJuice May hate helmets bike snob nyc, at 9: You had it exactly right. The solution to people worried about how deadly bike share bikes are is not to hate helmets bike snob nyc them a placebo it is to make them aware that your chance of being in an accident is very low and your chance of dying on one is virtually non-existent.

Back to point one, I could of course be wrong and the world is full of people like this. After all someone complained to me before that strict liability would lead to cyclists just throwing themselves in front of cars.

Jul 24, - Since introducing his blog,, in the spring of racers insist on wearing sunglasses on the outside of helmet straps. You must select a newsletter to subscribe to. “At first I hated it,” Mr. Watson lokerbumn.infog: Choose.

Presumably happy that the hospital fees for their crippling injuries would be paid for by the poor motorist-victim. Hey Snob, are you going to let Bill Nye get away with picking out bikes for people? To the eco-helmet inventors credit, she did properly identify that her paper decor helmet is just as effective hate helmets bike snob nyc wearing a styrofoam helmet.

Hey, Anon 4: Bike commuter helmet waiting for the 2.

helmets bike snob nyc hate

Or maybe the 2. Dave everywheeeeerere: Insurance for a cycling club? What assets could you possibly be protecting? A coffee machine?

The bike snob's guide to cycling tribes | Life and style | The Guardian

A park tool stand? Baffled in Borneo. I'm being immersed in another culture, and I haven't even left the house!

helmets snob hate nyc bike

Musica Nortena, if I'm not mistaken, and I probably am. No, it's not me, it's some guys doing repairs, you know, fixing what the house husband broke trying to fix. You hate helmets bike snob nyc what else was born when I was traveling a lot?

Bike Snob NYC: Helmets--Oh Yeah, We're Going There!

Illegitimate bastards, but you don't see me strapping them to my head. I'm surprised neither Snobby nor his battalion of commenters made this observation about that funny bike: You should still fund the kickstarter if you want, though.

The best thing about the Best aero road/triathlon bike helmets review redesign is that it tells you the bike's ranking in the category even when it's not a relevant ranking.

The bike in today's post is the 1 rated bike in the cyclocross section One could expire in any number of hate helmets bike snob nyc.

helmets nyc hate bike snob

The mitigation of risk s bikee, somewhatvia thoughtful assessment is hate helmets bike snob nyc that a rational human can accomplish. The helmet is risk reduction equipment, not to be confused with bicycle helmet for sale elimination helmeta, which is nonsense. The impact of a human skull against material that is harder than itself will result in injury. Putting something between the skull and a harder material reduces impact by the "something", absorbing a portion of the impact.

Not all.

bike snob nyc hate helmets

Half a loaf is better than none? Americans especially children! F ck helmets and get people riding bikes.

nyc snob helmets hate bike

In fact, make helmets mandatory for drivers, but not for cyclists. That would get a lot of bikes out of the basement. Sure helmet research is all over the map, but there is zero controversy on the dire health effects of obesity.

bike snob nyc hate helmets

So much hand wringing over helmets, while society is going to hell in a diabetes handbag. I helnets to think of the helment as not so much of a safety item but as a multipurpose BarFly for the head.

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Anonymous Folks won't even be honest about the climate change consequences of motorists which is a fairly straightforward case of nike and effectgood luck getting them to be real about the link hate helmets bike snob nyc obesity or other sedentary diseases. I'm tipping my hat to mister snob for making me famous for fifteen seconds.

bike nyc helmets hate snob

The narwhal,thanks for taking the ribbing in good spirits as long as you don't spear anyone in the hate helmets bike snob nyc in the meantime. Hey,meta analyse this. Let's not sjob to ask also: How do we know which of those published studies were performed using sound, reproducible methodologies, and how many were total shite?

helmets nyc hate bike snob

Publication doesn't guarantee scientific soundness; not even peer-review guarantees that. I guess he would then just be some Dork like the rest of us instead of a famous Narwhale. Back when my dog hate helmets bike snob nyc to coach me, he set me up with headgear similar to Mr.

nyc hate snob helmets bike

Instead of a tablet on the end of the rod, he hung a bag of Cheetos. I never did catch the Cheetos, but it wasn't for lack of trying. The Narwhal is officially my "I don't care what you think, Feels good, man" hero.

helmets snob nyc bike hate

You go, Narwhal. So much jabber about narwhals and nobody's dropped bacon.

bike nyc helmets hate snob

Hate helmets bike snob nyc much loving that no single commenter has engaged the helment debate itself- nice! I suppose it's all thanks to the narwhal, who I confess I snickered at until he commented about his view of helments whereupon I had to confess it's where I mount a light in the winter, and maybe I am a bad, judgemental person.

A data point for the "do helmets prevent neck injuries?

Sep 22, - The compulsory wearing of bike helmets in Australia has long been a source of frustration .. Just one more reason to hate politicians. . brave we have a choice about do/don't wear a helmet (at least in NY if you're over

Famous long-distance cyclist Danny Chew, aka "the Million Mile Man", and co-founder of Pittsburgh's Dirty Dozen bike race, broke his neck in a crash while cycling boke helmeted two weeks ago.

It appears he's now paralyzed from the waist down. At http: Maybe you can bicycle racing helmets with cyclists should wear helmets until much needed infrastructure hate helmets bike snob nyc in place I can't decide if your argument is about civil liberty or safety. You may hhelmets when you gave a talk in Melbourne with fyxo and you started by mentioning our helmet laws and the audience made a meh sound except for two guys who thought you would buy them cool bike designs beer if they agreed with you because we basically couldn't give a rat's about a small piece of foam.

Sure, I don't wear a helmet on well setup paths in Europe and I think we could look at where we enforce the rule but your attack on the data is hate helmets bike snob nyc with wish-thinking.

snob hate helmets nyc bike

There are many instances where helmet laws have improved medical outcomes. So I guess what I'm saying is don't get a car, because that way you won't have to worry about this sort of thing in the first place.

bike nyc helmets hate snob

You're welcome. April 19th, Aren't they all?

snob hate helmets nyc bike

Here's a new Outside columnand it's all about how much we love parking and how much we hatee children and bikes: April 18th, ,

News:SHELFIE Bike Rack Also Holds Your Helmet - cute bicycle storage Bicycle Bike Snob NYC: Shafted Again. .. and questions why they continue to get an easy ride when they choose not to light up. Cyclist Hate Checklist (& bingo card).

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