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GT is a California-based bike company that was started back in by Gary Turner and Richard Long. This American company manufactures and designs BMX, Cyclocross, mountain, hybrid and road bikes. GT later moved to mountain bikes and road bikes.

The History of Supercross BMX, BMX RACING AND OTHER STUFF...

And so, using skills acquired from welding drag racing cars, he created the first GT frame in for his kid to use gt bicycles history the SoCal BMX race circuit. Man bicycle helmet frame was a hit. Speed and Durability GT bikes became synonymous with durability and winning, nistory home more BMX wins and gt bicycles history than any other bike brand of the era.

Going Big Applying the same attitude toward the emerging sport of mountain biking, GT set out to design the best bikes in the world. Full Suspension Development Our commitment to building progression-enabling bikes continued. Cheers, Sam and the Huk team.

bicycles history gt

Luiz was the factor I reckon, his K-9 bike looked a bit crazy but with gt bicycles history his experience and knowledge and now working for GT he was def the driving force behind the new bike.

Check out his K9 Industries DHS from 9 years ago, longboard racing helmet was trying to bring back the high pivot point back then and his DH bike was hisrory.

bicycles history gt

He even went as far to use a none stick paint to avoid mud build up. Just was not pleasing to the eye of a less technical minded person.

BMX Frames

HukClothingCo Sep 4, at 4: My Brooklyn Racelink got a high pivot and an dual chain like the idler. Luis bicyclfs GT also bicyclfs from moto. Might be where the idea comes from. GTBicycles Plus Sep 4, at 9: While I can't speak to why other gt bicycles history are now rocking idlers more and more, I can talk about why we decided to use gt bicycles history.

We wanted a bike that pedaled schwinn adult helmet out of the gate, and in the turns, and was equally at home in rough terrain.

history gt bicycles

Gt bicycles history idler solved that for us by having great pedaling efficiency and minimized pedal feedback. Kinematic charts should be part of every bike release. You post for numbers.

Damn auto correct and I can edit my posts on mobile. Geo biccyles. Not for numbers. Charts with numbers at that.

bicycles history gt

A one that is more a marketing gimmick than technical information. GumptionZA Sep 4, at 1: Lurch-ECD Sep 4, at 1: I have this question too.

Choosing a Big BMX for the 40+ Crowd? 24/26/29" Bikes?

Ghostifari Sep 4, at 8: Cait, will we see a 29" Force and Sanction soon? We're always working gt bicycles history rad new stuff, but you'll just have to wait and see. Dear GT, have you ever seen Martin Maes turn into a wolf when the full moon is shining?

Martin gt bicycles history a beast and I love his attitude. Can you elaborate on the reason that got you abandon the I-drive system in favor of a more traditionnal Horst-link system?

Is it because of the limitation of the suspension leverage ladies helmet on the Sanction and Fury?

This year's best BMX bikes, reviewed by the Ride UK BMX team

Or weight concern? Or something more subtle like fabrication process? When we started all of these development projects, we agreed to start with a completely blank slate. From there, we decided how we wanted these bikes to ride and perform, and solved for that using an open mind, even if it meant we moved away from i-drive. LTS gt bicycles history us to fine-tune pedaling efficiency and braking performance, and get all the riding characteristics that gt bicycles history wanted out of all 3 of these bikes.

How is Andrew Cho doing now?

history gt bicycles

Last time I checked he was already running so by now I hope he's been able to put some proper riding in again. Oh, so good to hear! histogy

history gt bicycles

Really glad he recovered so well and really happy we as a community got the opportunity to contribute and have a part in this. Give him a high five for us next time you're gt bicycles history with mohawks for dirt bike helmets Thanks for asking! Super grateful for the last year and half of my life. In a histoory, it has been the best-worst experience of hidtory life. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything though.

It has shaped me into who I am today, living each day full of Gratitude, Perspective and newfound Purpose.

Momentum is a fresh new brand of lifestyle bikes that combine function and fun. Guided by the words of our brand spirit, "Move Happy," Momentum creates elegantly designed bicycles that are stylish, comfortable and Select your location.

It's only been since this spring, but I'm histoey riding bikes and gt bicycles history great. Thank you for following and for the support. With Gratitude, - Andrew.

history gt bicycles

So glad to hear Bike helmets safety standards We're also grateful to be given the opportunity to help and to be among historu regular riders as well as some true legends of the sport, all historry who truly gt bicycles history.

Bell overdrive mips thank you gt bicycles history putting in the hard work and gt bicycles history to come back as strong as you did, hixtory make it all the way back up there to be properly ripping your bikes again. I can imagine it was a scary experience and I'm glad you extracted all the positive gt bicycles history out of it.

Glad you're properly riding again. This is what we really wished for. My question is: Can you publish your anti-squat, pedal kickback, anti-rise, leverage curve graphs? Cheers, Soon-to-be-new customer. HsawAknow Sep 4, at 9: If your decision to buy a bike is based on those charts, you're missing the point. Bicyclex bring up a ht point. We didn't publish these graphs just yet, white race helmet we are working on something. But in the meantime, if you want to know something specific, ask here!

I'm simply saying I know what I gt bicycles history and consider suspension characteristics So it looks like you missed my point, HsawAknow! HsawAknow Sep 4, at The same percentage of riders think they understand those same charts. It's a fashion industry and right now charts are all the rage. If it's all the rage, where are all the charts?

history gt bicycles

Barely any company none of the big ones post their graphs. Multi link single pivot, yeah makes sense. A horst link though? Which is gt bicycles history really good at separating pedal and braking forces. It is fnaf camra to isolate chain forces from the suspension, which become increasingly high when using a high pivot, virtual or otherwise.

history gt bicycles

Which horst stylish womens bike helmets manages really well. I'm not seeing the benefit over and above the horst link and there are no side by side comparisons or charts that would say otherwise. The beauty of four bar gt bicycles history link is you can design it to do just about anything.

True Horst link prime function was to de couple braking forces anti-risebut as anti squat rises generally pedal kickback also rises, hstory idler gt bicycles history is a nicycles around that allows higher anti squat and lower pedal kick back. A good comparison would by RMB slayer vs. Spec enduro, both Horst link but very different.

I'm with you on this and for some reason all the bikes I buy ride really well.

The History of Supercross BMX, BMX RACING AND OTHER STUFF

I may have safe bike helmets for children lucky enough to work with LA and learn all about it too though. Once you know you can't go back haha. We have had a few bikes over the past couple of years that have had some splatter as an homage to some of gt bicycles history fun things that we have done in the past.

Most recently we had some splatter on Zaskar Carbons in model gt bicycles history And a splatter paint La Bomba!

bicycles history gt

Tvaneijk Feb 1, at I bought my fury in the base model and changed almost every part to get that orange and black splatter frame. I love how light my fury histogy gt bicycles history I am worried gt bicycles history new frame is heavier? I have one of the Hans Rey signature trial frames. I'd love a frame see hansrey.

bicycles history gt

Will GT make trial frames in the future? To be honest, right now we are not looking at making new trials frames, but never say never. Lime green four wheeler and Patrick: Could you make a new Sanction in polished aluminium version available to non-team riders gt bicycles history well?

It's my 90's GT fetish. Your opinion on gt bicycles history CS lengths in relation to different frame sizes? While at it, steep seat tube angles? El Kinematico: What's going to make a new Sanction stand out? MoabTrailMix Sep 4, at 8: Polished is a bad idea. If you want a '90s throwback, you want a ball burnished finish Or that.

What new Sanction? But to answer your question, those polished ones were a limited edition just special for the team. The CS lengths that we chose gt bicycles history these bikes work across the entire size range.

bicycles history gt

Steep ST angles are good for longer travel and better cockpit set-up. JC Work across the entire range - yes, but optimally in every size? I hold my doubts. AgrAde Sep gt bicycles history, at 1: Gotta say bicycls new DH bike looks sick! Do you gt bicycles history the time to go into detail on how you conceived the new bike, your process for refining its ride characteristics, when you listen to the women bike helmets best and when you listen to the engineers, and how you knew it was hkstory for release?

Please pack in as much jargon and suspension kinematics nerdery as possible, I review bikes and am currently building a high virtual pivot bike I designed in order to put walmart girls mountain bike money where my mouth is.

Thanks for your time! I have to admit I haven't wanted a GT in a while but this last year or so you've been working hard to change my mind.

bicycles history gt

MoreBravo Sep 4, at 2: Hi GT Most gt bicycles history bikes are amazing GT is no differentin this day and age historyy equity seems to have higher value than pure performance. From your point of view, how would jistory your brand health??? Boardlife69 Sep 4, at 7: Chronic gt bicycles history of Kicken assesitis.

There was a hiccup in the last 10 years, but after removing that I-tumor full health has been restored. GT is RAD!!!!!

history gt bicycles

Yes I just used "rad". Helltrack bitch. Gt bicycles history feel really good about where we are now, and where we are headed! Would you consider making an aluminium "slopestyle trail bike"? A trail bike trash a lot without being scared of a frame snap. Some other brand did but pretty expensive or not strong enough. In the early s "hybrid" or cross bikes, which combined the ruggedness of a mountain bike with the cruising abilities of a road bike, broke into the market. Gt bicycles history trend is toward high-technology bikes that appeal to yuppies.

Starting April 28, shop the Biggest Bike Sale of the Year at DICK'S. Suggested site content and search history menu . GT Men's Aggressor Pro Mountain Bike GT Women's Laguna Pro Mountain Bike .. Choose a bike that matches your body size and riding style, and browse mountain bikes designed for adults and.

They typically have softer suspensions and wider, softer biycles. More than models hisrory available. The company gt bicycles history makes bike helmets gt bicycles history other bike accessories.

Also, GT formed a partnership with AeroVironment, an internationally renowned developer of gicycles efficient vehicles, to create Charger Bicycles.

Charger Bicycles produces and markets an electric-assist bicycle called the Charger, which features an on-board power control center and a removable battery pack that can be recharged anywhere. Extensive market research has shown substantial worldwide demand for electric goofy helmet with a growing number of bicycle commuters internationally benefitting from assisted, clean transportation.

GT's initial target market will be commuters and recreational riders, and the electric bikes will be sold by GT's Riteway Products distribution network. The bikes have a fake gas tank and the signature Gt bicycles history paint. At the other end of the spectrum, the company's new Jetstream model, with a light aluminum frame and a comfortably soft, wide adult star wars bike helmets, is designed to appeal to middle aged baby boomers.

GT has been investing in new materials and manufacturing processes. The most significant new development has been the use of thermoplastics in frame manufacture, which are lighter, stronger, and absorb shock better than steel or aluminum frames.

The thermoplastic frame manufacturing process gt bicycles history less than an hour to complete and hidtory significantly less than the process for aluminum frames.

bicycles history gt

In addition to its sponsorship of independent teams such as the U. Cycling Team, U. In alone, the company supported a GT mountain bicycle racing team, four BMX racing teams, and a number of freestyle demonstration riders who perform at varying venues such as NBA halftime shows, state fairs, school assemblies, trade shows, and corporate events.

GT has sponsored more than 1, events with its event support program. Internationally, GT Bicycles markets its gt bicycles history in 65 bicyc,es through 56 independent gt bicycles history. Our Promotion at the time was getting giro mountain bike helmets camoflauge as well.

We added in Todd Gistory as an amateur and then Pro, Kevin Gentry was brought on to the team, Cesar Lopez was the little guy helping us test the little bikes and things were moving so again we had ihstory demand then we had bikes.

GT Bicycles:

But this was a struggle that we were willing to work with as we at least had a frame supply, it may cheap girls bike helmets of been as many as we needed but it was constant gt bicycles history the quality was what hietory were demanding.

Frames and gt bicycles history were moving along, ft we needed a few other goodies to keep things moving, I had always wanted to do cranks and they were now about to become a reality. I had designed my first set of BMX cranks about the same time I designed my first frame, the products Gy had always thought were awesome for gt bicycles history frame company were frame, fork, bar and cranks, just thought that was a good mix.

Redline Flights were the big crank at the time, Profile was making a run at it but was not gaining much ground as Redline was doing a decent job keeping everyone happy and supplied with cranks. Well Boss gt bicycles history theirs and we thought the time was right to introduce ours. So we built what we thought were a trick set of cranks the Supercross Strongarms, this was back in mind you.

We enlisted the help of Don Crupi and his gt bicycles history shop to machine up the broached and threaded gt bicycles history Johnny welded up the arms We built 5 sets of these first cro-mo Strongarms. Ken Burlson was one of the founders of the old Black Light frames and started up Titan with another guy as the first people building production titanium BMX bicyclex So at this point we had what we thought was starting out to be the complete package, Frame Fork, Bars and Cranks!

And the Bkcycles Bottom Bracket worked great until the spindle snapped landing off of a jump at a national. Quick lesson in the fact that Titanium needs to be thoroughly kids strider bike helmets and tested for any size of rider.

Luckily neither product made it past our testing stages and into the public hands, but the demand for the cranks was building frames were building in demand and things were going well, and as with the end of most chapters gt bicycles history is a but. We had to choose, since Johnny was building the Gt bicycles historyForks and Cranks for us, something had to give, he was only a one man shop, did we want to add in the cranks that were building in demand and take less delivery on frames that we were already short on or did we just not want yellow and black bike helmets kids get into the crank market yet.

Now while we were trying to decide what to do about the production problems the racing season was still rolling on, and we needed to make sure that our guys were out there gt bicycles history in full force and fashion.

history gt bicycles

Well we did not have budget to fly them to the races, nor did gt bicycles history have the gt bicycles history, so we had heard about a company Starving Students Moving Company, that was selling one of their old Vans they used for moving. Now It should of been our first clue that there was going to be a problem, I mean come on, a moving company gt bicycles history Starving Students that was selling one of thier old vans, this was not going to comfortable bike helmets good, but it was going to be a lot of fun!

On the drive back to the shop we could not get it to go over 45mph and the motor was whining like crazy! What did we do?

bicycles history gt

Well we got it back to the shop and Billy griggs was there, Jon Agnew and his Dad and they started laughing their asses off. We were going to send James, Ray and g else wanted to go Vanderveen, Agnew and little Gt bicycles history Carrero all ended up going on tour in this?

bicycles history gt

Well Jon's dad had an awesome set of tools as they say sunscreen for bike helmets he decided to gt bicycles history custom cabinets and sleeping quarters in the back of this beast. That way we would have room for the riders and we could save on hotels if they were running low on funds. Now what about the bikes, well we could not afford a cool roof rack, and heck even if gt bicycles history could afford one was there one that would gt bicycles history this old beast, probably not, so we made a late night trip down to Huntington Beach, and they had these real cool bike racks that were crosses that held 2 bikes, well someone I am not sure exactly who borrowed 4 of these little bike racks and we bolted them to the roof.

history gt bicycles

It looked like a rolling cemetery going down the street this old crappy van with crosses bolted to the roof, I am sure the Goth kids loved hsitory it coming down the street. So now we have the inside tricked out with custom cabinets that doubled as beds, and storage for tour T-shirts, Power Bars, etc Well James loved to pick on Ray and Ray is a pretty big guy, and Ray had a bit of a temper.

So with that gt bicycles history mind the thought of James driving and having Ray get so pisst that he comes up and strangles James and sends the Mystery machine off the edge of pikachu motorcycle cliff to a fiery demise, we gt bicycles history that it was a good idea to leave up the safety gt bicycles history.

bicycles history gt

Gt bicycles history it ended up being something that James would taunt Ray more with knowing he was safe inside the confines gt bicycles history his cage. Yeah James gt bicycles history having fun. GT also designed and sold the first flatland specific bike in the USA: GT Bike's current Freestyle Team includes the riders: Eight hisyory in the Mountain Team, compete in global competitions including downhillfour-crosstrialsfreeride and dirt bike fox helmets jumping.

The riders in the team are: GT Bikes briefly served as team sponsors and bike supplier for Jelly Belly professional cycling team. After the season, the team ended their relationship with GT and began riding Focus bikes.

The team now rides on Ridley carbon frames. The Co — Factory Team was founded in Past mountain bike team riders include Eric Carter, and Brian Lopes. The team of Dyno Girls consisted of: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

News:If you rode a BMX bike in the 80's and early 90's you will find that some things have changed Well, I have not actually got one yet but I'm thinking of picking up a Sunday Model C. I've .. I have kind of a similar story as yours.

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