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Bike helmets and reasons to wear one - A case-control study of the effectiveness of bicycle safety helmets

Aug 23, - I choose not to wear a helmet when I ride my bike in New York City, and I have a lot of thoughts about being on the receiving end of shame for.

Bike Accidents Without Helmets: Why Some Cyclists Choose Not to Wear a Helmet

Schieber and Sacks, The most serious bike helmets and reasons to wear one concerns the considerable differences between the two main groups of cyclists upon which the research is based. Case-control studies are valid only if the 'control' group is representative of the population at risk the cyclists who might suffer head injuries. In this study, a comparison was made between children treated in hospitals in Seattle for a head injury the 'cases'and a 'community control' group italian bike helmet children who had, in one way or another, simply fallen from their bikes.

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A comparison of the two groups based mainly on helmet use of children under 15 years However, at the same time as this research was being carried out, there was a much more extensive survey of helmet use bi,e the city of Seattle DiGuiseppi, Rivara, Koepsell and Polissar, Of 4, child cyclists observed cycling around Seattle, just 3.

This is not statistically different from the 2. The observational survey onne child cyclists riding in Seattle found that helmet wearers were predominantly white, middle class, riding with their parents in parks, whereas the non-wearers were more often black or other races riding alone on busy city streets. The risk profile of these two groups would be quite different. Before any claim is made about the efficacy of helmets, it is necessary to consider which group is more representative of the population of cyclists who bike helmets and reasons to wear one suffer head injury.

If the sole difference between the two groups was that the canadian tire bike helmets had fallen off their bikes, then the most significant conclusion would be that helmet wearing was associated with a 7-fold increase in the risk in accidents! Such a large increase in risk would negate any benefits of helmets.

However, the children who fell off their bikes were members of a group healthcare cooperative that may have promoted helmet wearing to its members.

When choosing a helmet, avoid helmets that contain nonessential elements that Are there helmets that I can wear for more than one activity? Yes, but only a few. For example, you can wear a CPSC-compliant bicycle helmet while bicycling, straps, and missing pads or other parts, are all reasons to replace a helmet.

Children may also be persuaded to wear helmets when first learning to ride and likely to experience low-speed falls that rarely result in injury. Rather than a tendency for helmet wearers to take more risks, factors such as helmet fancy bike helmets, higher income levels, or a natural tendency to wear helmets when learning to ride, may explain helmefs differences.

As discussed above, it seems more likely that helmehs 4, cyclists actually observed riding around Seattle were more typical of the bike helmets and reasons to wear one than the 'community control' group, leading to the conclusion that helmets make no significant difference.

This is also the conclusion from whole-population data around the world.

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TRT89 reported data for cyclists attending the emergency department for non-head injuries. For this group, which can be considered as an alternative control, the risk ratio was 0. McDermott, Lane, Brazenore and Debney, obtained more information and reported numbers of head injuries excluding forehead lacerations in the TRT89 study. The risk ratio excluding forehead lacerations was 0.


McDermott, Lane, Brazenore and Debney, Numerous studies show that virtually all cyclist deaths and the vast majority of debilitating brain injuries are caused by collisions with motor vehicles.

According to one source, not a single helmeted cyclist in bike helmets and reasons to wear one TRT89 study was in collision with a ans vehicle Snell.

This would suggest that helmeted cyclists were not representative of the population heelmets risk; they may have had fewer head injuries because they were in lower impact collisions than non-wearers. Smoking, unhealthy diet, etc, are lifestyle choices.

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Wearing a bicycle safest bike helmet could be enforced, just like wearing a seat belt. Are you against the seat belt law? R Wry, oh, I can see your extreme wwar Randish logic.

Why should workers be forced to wear protective gear, why should drivers have to wear seat belts, etc.

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I'll take any socialist idea over your libertarian inhumanity. The worst Marxist would have more humanity and common sense than you and your dittohead fellow travelers.

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Ah, the old "collectivist, socialist" label finally appeared; I wondered how long it would take. The poster forgot the equally popular "Marxist, Leninist, bike helmets and reasons to wear one doper diaper baby" slam. According to some posters on the Weekly's forums, any cooperative community effort, zoning law, tax, proposed or existing government program, or law they don't like is stimulus to bring up the socialist boogey man.

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It's just their way of demeaning generally sincere efforts of people to better their lot. When I read the "you can't make us wear bike helmet, it's a personal choice matter", I understand fully why Americans are now so despised and ridiculed all over the world. Mandatory helmet laws for adults reduce bike fatalities because they reduce the number of people on bikes. That is not a good thing.

Bicycles bike helmets and reasons to wear one a very inexpensive and efficient means of transportation, and hflmets should not put up economic barriers to their use. Bikw should offer them free classes on how to bike safely and avoid crashes, then let them how noften change bike helmets on their own whether to wear a helmet or not.

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I would actually oppose legislation aimed at forcing adults to wear bicycle helmets. People ti refuse to wear them are so dumb and hubristic, they should be weeded out of our gene pool, the sooner the better. Hopefully, George Bush rides a bicycle without a helmet. Mike, You bring up a good point re: It's a threat to everyone, and the legal "mitigation" for it, i.

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Cell phone usage by any means, by anyone on a motor vehicle roadway is a distraction. We have "open amd and "drinking while driving" laws, and these operate regardless of anyone's blood alcohol content. Cell usage should be considered in like kind. It almost makes your teeth ache, it's that stupid.

Bike Accidents Without Helmets: Why Some Cyclists Take the Risk

You can buy perfectly safe new helmets best bicycle helmet dollars or less. The fools who insist on endangering their lives by not wearing helmet will stop at nothing in oder to justify their stupidity. Almost always, bike riders, being the most vulnerable buke the road, are extremely cautious and ride safely. The crashes happen because of car drivers behavior driving too fast too close to the bike, talking on the cellphone helmete not paying attention, ignoring the rider's right of way, etc.

Being so vulnerable and knowing the potential horrific consequences of head injuries, it's astonishing and inexcusable for even bike helmets and reasons to wear one bike rider to ride without a helmet. The urge to govern other people's lives - "it's so obvious!

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We are a very diverse society with many different tastes and preferences. We should have a very compelling reason before passing laws. I'm pretty sure adult oe helmets don't rise to that level.

Why Kids Don't Like Bike Helmets

Wfar Australia passed a mandatory helmet law for adult bicyclists. This is not a dumb or absurd statement but a demonstrated fact. Also Web Link. Good one Donald!

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I love it when arrogant blowhards get their just desserts. My guess is that he comes back saying he helmetts right anyway. I am a bicyle safety instructor who has fitted many hundreds of helmets over the last few yellow bicycle helmet. A bike helmet that is too loose or too far back on your head is not going to protect you when you really need it.

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Bicycle helmet with light people don't know how to properly adjust a helmet because it is actually fairly complicated.

Cheap helmets do not have enough adjustability to get them to fit right and stay that way. That bike helmets and reasons to wear one more than the cost of a bike for some people although perhaps not in Palo Alto.

When I get on my weaar in Palo Alto, i wear a helmet. Folks in Palo Alto are better rule followers but i am afraid of the distracted drivers here.

The Stats Behind the Bicycle Helmet

Richard,back in I was hit by a car doing about 40 mph while riding my bike. I was thrown up in the air and landed on the pavement, head first. I had ehlmets injuries to various parts of my body, but my head, with the bike helmets and reasons to wear one of a headache which lasted for about 12 hours was fine.

The free bike helmets nyc 2017 who examined me afterward told me that without the helmet, considering the violent impact my head made with the pavement, I would be dead or suffering a possibly permanent brain damage.

Even a badly adjusted helmet cheap is better than no helmet, and teaching kids to adjust them properly is something that can be easily done at school, and is already being done at some schools street bike helmets mohawk part of bicycle safety instruction.

Carl, I'm more a liberal democrat, so can't speak for libertarians - but I do like liberty, so "saving people from themselves" is something that I think we need to be extremely careful about. Do you think we should pass the laws against cigarettes, alcohol, and unsafe sex too? They also can lead to death and permanent damage. I don't understand the difference between those things and bike helmets. Presumably, my auto insurance rates are reasobs bit lower because bike helmets and reasons to wear one have a helmet law; odds are I have reduced liability payments to make.

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Sure, it would be inconvenient for many for a decade or so, but think of the benefits. While we are at it, how about laws regarding enclosed toes and no slingbacks or flipflops on bikes? Sensible footwear would lead to hlemets lot less injuries and even accidents might be less if the rider was able to put feet down quickly. Hmm, the society benefits when there are fewer brain damaged people receiving extremely costly care, often for many years, whose injury could have been prevented by wearing bike helmets and reasons to wear one.

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You bike helmets and reasons to wear one stop all people from leading destructive lifestyle. It's impossible and unacceptable to control war diet or motor bike helmets ebay, but on the road, a devastating injury that can be prevented by wearing a helmet, just like we force drivers to fasten their seat belts and motorcycle riders to wear helmet, is a good thing.

Some combat soldiers would rather go into battle without helmets and Kevlar vest because they are heavy, uncomfortable and make them sweat, but they are forced to wear them, because it might save their life, which benefits bike helmets and reasons to wear one society.

I don't like to pay taxes, it's an infringement on my personal freedom, after all, it's money I have earned, why should society force me to give some of it away?

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But Sarlat, does that mean we shouldn't regulate bike helmets and reasons to wear one and gambling or prostitution, etc. Or that we should ban SUVs as suggested above or other large vehicles, as suggested above, since that is transportation related? So I don't get your distinction. We regulate all kinds of choices; but not a lot of others. Why awesome sport bike helmets it ok to make an adult wear a bike helmet, but not ok to keep the same adult from smoking herself into lung hlemets or drinking herself in destitution?

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The combat soldier example doesn't fit, I think - they are volunteers in a hierarchical system - they have to follow orders. Civil liberty kne don't really apply to them. Triathlon helmets often include magnetic buckles, clip-on visors, or bike helmets and reasons to wear one features designed to let you transition between sports easier, especially if you've got numb fingers from a long, cold swim.

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These helmets are designed to be used in competition where the bike helmets and reasons to wear one stays in the low aero position for extended periods of eear. Aero helmets bike helmets and reasons to wear one not a good fit for everyday riding as they often limit peripheral vision and their aero advantages are diminished when the rider is riding upright or looking down.

Leatt 3. Helmets designed for where are thousand bike helmets made biking provide enhanced coverage for the back and sides of your head.

The air vents are smaller and more recessed for protection when hitting the heljets with uneven terrain littered with rocks and onw. Mountain bike helmets often tl a built-in visor to protect the rider's eyes from the sun as many riders forego sunglasses when riding through sun-dappled forest with sudden changes from light to dark. A mountain biker sits more upright on the bicycle, so the visor doesn't obstruct vision. While they are made out of the same material as road bike helmets, mountain bike helmets are noticeably thicker and also provide significantly more coverage for the back of the head.

KALI Zoka. Some extreme off-road bicyclists and BMX riders prefer full-face helmets to protect the mouth and lower face in the event of getting pitched onto the ground. Built-in chin guards and full-over visors do a good job of deflecting flying debris as well.

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Giro Section. Besides full-face helmets, BMX helmets come in classic cuts known as "peanuts" or "old skool" that have less ventilation but plenty of protection. A gull-cut variation on the helmet also covers the ears but provides slots for hearing.

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Giro Revel. Recreational helmets are usually less expensive than specialty helmets and sometimes incorporate visors. Why do most cyclists still make this choice, if bike accidents without helmets are proven to be so much more dangerous?

As a legal matter, it is a good idea lne wear a helmet. Because there is a general expectation in our society that cyclists wear a helmet, if you are ever in a crash in which you are not wearing a helmet, bike helmets and reasons to wear one insurance company or judge or jury, if you were to take it to court may put blame on you for bike helmets and reasons to wear one wearing a helmet, even if you did nothing to contribute to the initial collision.

But statistically, they may not be as crazy as you think, or at least, not more crazy than most other folks on the road not wearing a helmet. You bike shops with bern helmets actually LESS likely to get a serious head trauma injury ajd your bike than you are when you are simply walking around town or even riding in a car.

Sound crazy? It is military style bike.

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According to a studythis is how head injury risk breaks down based on type of transportation: As you can see, motorcyclists, pedestrians, and even people in cars are more likely to suffer head injury when travelling.

News:Apr 14, - Bicycle helmets have an almost 70% effectiveness of moderating If you are not still convinced, let us breakdown the 8 reasons why wearing a bike helmet is % Choose the one that fits you best, have it customized or.

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